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January 20, 2021
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Game Developer's Top Deck 2008 13
by Gamasutra [12.11.08]
Gamasutra is proud to present, in association with Game Developer magazine, the Top Deck 2008 - the 52 individuals (plus 2 jokers!) who were most important to the game industry during 2008.
Design, Production, Indie

Postmortem: Little Boy Games' Go! Go! Break Steady 3
by Ahmed Usman Khalid [09.18.08]
In this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, the developers of XBLA title Go! Go! Break Steady pointedly detail the trials and tribulations of making an original IP console title as a two-man indie dev.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Production, Console/PC, Indie, North America

Jonathan Blow: The Path to Braid 21
by Simon Parkin [09.12.08]
With art game Braid now a significant hit on Xbox Live Arcade, Gamasutra talks to creator Jonathan Blow on its long path to completion, challenging conventional pacing, and hopes for XBLA's future.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, Indie, North America

The Art Of Braid: Creating A Visual Identity For An Unusual Game 18
by David Hellman [08.05.08]
In this fascinating deconstruction, artist David Hellman explains his creation of the evocative, painterly art for Jonathan Blow's acclaimed downloadable game Braid, which debuts tomorrow on XBLA.
Design, Art, Indie

The Indie Shooter Roundtable: Mak, Cho, And Omega Fire At Will 8
by Brandon Sheffield [07.28.08]
The renaissance of the shoot-em-up has brought new perspectives to the genre - and Gamasutra sits down with the creators of Everyday Shooter, Blast Works, and Every Extend for a cross-cultural state of the union.
Design, Interview, Indie

Finding A New Way: Jenova Chen And Thatgamecompany 2
by Brandon Sheffield [05.05.08]
In this in-depth interview, thatgamecompany co-founder and fl0w designer Jenova Chen discusses his philosophy of abstract game design - and why making traditional games is "too easy" to dwell on.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, Mobile Console, Indie, North America

The State of Indie Gaming 14
by Juan Gril [04.30.08]
In this in-depth Gamasutra analysis, casual game veteran Gril looks at the state of, and opportunities in, independent gaming, from PC to console, from Desktop Tower Defense to fl0w and beyond...
Business/Marketing, Design, PC, Console/PC, Indie

Microsoft Excel: Revolutionary 3D Game Engine? 38
by Peter Rakos [03.06.08]
We're all familiar with the leading game engines - from Unreal Engine 3 through Source and beyond. But veteran programmer Rakos has discovered a new pretender to the throne, in the form of... Microsoft Excel?!
Design, Production, PC, Indie

Gamasutra's Best Of 2007 7
by Simon Carless, Brandon Boyer, Christian Nutt, Leigh Alexander [12.31.07]
Compiling Gamasutra's happy multitude of end-of-year charts published over the last couple of weeks, including Top Developer, Trends, Poignant Game Moments, and more, we also reveal our Top Game of 2007 and compile reader comments.
PC, Console/PC, Indie

Innovation in Casual Games: A Rallying Cry 2
by Juan Gril [10.11.07]
Casual games are sometimes criticized for 'lack of innovation' , but in this exclusive Gamasutra opinion piece, game designer Juan Gril compares classic arcade games to today's casual market, arguing for a blend of incremental and radical innovation to move the sector forward.
Design, PC, Console/PC, Indie