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Features » Console/PC
Interview: Jordan Weisman 1
by Chris Dahlen [05.09.08]
Weisman's legendary resume spans FASA (Battletech), 42 Entertainment (I Love Bees) and now Smith & Tinker (game rights to Crimson Skies and Shadowrun) - Gamasutra presents a rare interview with him on design and inspiration.
Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America

A History of Gaming Platforms: Mattel Intellivision  
by Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice [05.08.08]
Following up on their profiles of the Commodore 64, Vectrex, Apple II, and Atari 2600, game historians Loguidice and Barton examine the lifespan of Mattel's cult '80s console the Intellivision, from Astrosmash to AD&D and beyond.

Persuasive Games: Texture 9
by Ian Bogost [05.07.08]
Author/designer Ian Bogost (Fatworld) looks at 'texture' in games - the art of connecting the virtual to the real via rumble and physical simulation, from Hard Drivin' to Rez and beyond.
Design, Programming, PC, Console/PC

Finding A New Way: Jenova Chen And Thatgamecompany 2
by Brandon Sheffield [05.05.08]
In this in-depth interview, thatgamecompany co-founder and fl0w designer Jenova Chen discusses his philosophy of abstract game design - and why making traditional games is "too easy" to dwell on.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, Mobile Console, Indie, North America

Yoshiki Okamoto: Japan's Game Maverick Speaks 4
by Christian Nutt, Yukiko Miyajima Grové [05.02.08]
Game Republic (Folklore) founder Yoshiki Okamoto is a game development legend, having created titles such as Time Pilot, 1942, and Street Fighter II - and Gamasutra has a rare interview with the Capcom veteran on the biz in 2008.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

The State of Indie Gaming 14
by Juan Gril [04.30.08]
In this in-depth Gamasutra analysis, casual game veteran Gril looks at the state of, and opportunities in, independent gaming, from PC to console, from Desktop Tower Defense to fl0w and beyond...
Business/Marketing, Design, PC, Console/PC, Indie

What Gamers Want: Family Gamers 6
by Andy Robertson [04.29.08]
How should game creators build titles to appeal to wider audiences? Gamasutra held a kid-infested focus group and came away with 10 key points that will help games better reach the mainstream.
Design, Console/PC, North America

Ken Levine on BioShock's Narrative Drive 2
by Mathew Kumar, Christian Nutt [04.25.08]
2K Boston/Australia's BioShock is a key game in the evolution of gaming narrative - and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, creator Ken Levine expands on his GDC talk to reveal just how it was put together.
Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America

The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses 24
by Kyle Orland [04.24.08]
Time for a Gamasutra thought experiment - what books, comics, movies, and dormant game franchises richly deserve to be made into games? The site's editors have banded together, locked horns, and produced this no doubt debatable result.
Design, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console

Dungeons & Dragons: The Pen and Paper Video Game 9
by Alvan Monje [04.23.08]
In a fitting tribute to late Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Volition designer Monje examines Gygax's massive legacy, suggesting that D&D was "the progenitor of most contemporary video games, irrespective of genre."
Design, PC, Console/PC