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Sex in Videogames, Part 3: Dramatic Significance
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May 28, 2020
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May 28, 2020
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Sex in Videogames, Part 3: Dramatic Significance

November 21, 2000 Article Start Page 1 of 2 Next

Julius Caesar, the greatest general of his age, pursues his enemy Pompey to Egypt.

Arriving with an army in Alexandria, he finds the twenty-year-old Cleopatra locked in a power struggle with her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII. Taking her side, Caesar conquers the Egyptians, kills Ptolemy, and makes Cleopatra both his mistress and Egypt's queen.

Four years pass, and in 44 BC Caesar is assassinated in the Senate. In the civil wars that follow, Cleopatra tries to remain neutral. Mark Antony summons her to account for her actions, but is hopelessly captivated by her charms. They return to Egypt together, living in ostentatious debauchery. Eleven years later, in a war with his great-nephew Octavian, Antony overrules his own generals at Cleopatra's insistence and initiates the battle of Actium, which ends in disaster. Hearing a false report of Cleopatra's suicide, he falls on his sword. Cleopatra, fearing she will be exhibited as a prisoner in Octavian's triumphal march, poisons herself.

1200 AD

King John of England, a notorious lecher, sends envoys to ask the king of Portugal for his daughter's hand in marriage. At the same time John makes a tour of his feudal lands in France. While visiting Hugh the Brown of Lusignan, one of his most powerful barons, John develops an insatiable lust for a fourteen-year-old girl named Isabelle of Angoulême. However, Isabelle is already betrothed to Hugh the Brown, a status almost as binding as marriage. John recalls his envoys, sends the unsuspecting Hugh off on a diplomatic mission, and marries Isabelle with the approval of her father.

Outraged, the Lusignan family rises in revolt. John challenges them to a trial by combat in which he will not fight, but be represented by paid professional champions. The Lusignans appeal to King Philip II of France, who is in strict feudal law John's overlord, and Philip summons John to account for himself. John refuses. It is the excuse Philip is looking for, and in a series of wars he conquers John's provinces in France one by one. By the end of John's reign his ungoverned lust has cost England a huge part of her empire. After John's death, Hugh the Brown finally marries Isabelle after all.

1997 AD

Bill Clinton, the President of the United States and the most powerful man in the world, conducts an illicit affair with a young woman on his staff. Seeking to avoid a scandal, he prevaricates when asked about it in a deposition for a lawsuit. The truth is revealed the following year in secret recordings made of the young woman discussing the affair with a person she had thought was a friend. Clinton's political opponents in the Congress summon him to account for his actions. When his answers are unsatisfactory, they impeach him for perjury and obstruction of justice. In an almost purely partisan vote, he is acquitted at trial. Clinton's behavior has embarrassed the nation, while his opponents have spent millions pursuing him and accomplished nothing. Clinton's long-suffering wife is subsequently elected to the Senate.


Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble. - attributed to John Barrymore

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