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September 21, 2020
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Is It Too Late for Smaller Developers on Facebook? 6
by Jay Aird [12.19.12]
If you plan to develop a Facebook game, what genre should you strike out in? This analysis takes a look at where the growth opportunities are for a small developer who doesn't have the cross-marketing reach of a Zynga.

What Magic: The Gathering Can Teach Us 34
by Will Luton [12.17.12]
In the midst of the collectible card game craze taking over the social space in the success of Cygames' Rage of Bahamut, Will Luton examines the original collectible card game, Magic the Gathering, and the important lessons it has for today's video game designers.

The Burning of Star Wars: The Old Republic 106
by Simon Ludgate [12.14.12]
In its quest to quickly push out a free-to-play model for its flagship MMO, has BioWare burned all players -- both subscribers and the new free crowd? MMO consultant Simon Ludgate takes a look at what the developer has really wrought with its adaptation of the game.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online

Art of War: Animating Realistic Sword Combat 36
by Eben Bradstreet, John Clements [12.13.12]
This article -- a compilation of two viewpoints on adding authentic sword combat to games -- originally appeared in the December issue of Game Developer magazine -- and explores the idea of using real Medieval techniques as taught by a trained sword master.

Designing Freemium Titles for Hardcore Gamers 39
by Pascal Luban [12.12.12]
How do you get hardcore gamers interested in your free-to-play game? What is the perfect tension between compelling gameplay and frustration? Designer Pascal Luban explores the lessons he learned since moving to freemium.
Design, Social/Online

Nintendo Power: Remembering America's Longest-Lasting Game Magazine 21
by Frank Cifaldi [12.11.12]
Nintendo Power founding editors Gail Tilden and Howard Phillips share their memories of launching -- for better or worse -- one of the most influential periodicals for those of a certain generation.

What You Need to Know About Breaking into the Arab Market 24
by Eric Caoili [12.10.12]
Can your game be a hit in the Middle East? Gamasutra speaks to experts to gain a better understanding of just what it takes to launch in the region -- and how to sidestep the easy-to-make mistakes that come with global expansion.

Supercell's Secret Sauce 19
by Mike Rose [12.07.12]
In 2012, Helsinki's Supercell went from unknown entity to one of the hottest developers on the planet. How did the studio make major hits Clash of Clans and Hay Day? Gamasutra visits, and talks to CEO Ilkka Paananen.
Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

What Do Investors Look for in a Game Developer? 15
by Jeremy Liew [12.06.12]
Lightspeed Venture Partners venture capitalist Jeremy Liew explains exactly what he and other VCs look for in a game developer -- taking stock of the ingredients for success by examining the wins different games and developers have made in the market.

Suck at Coding, But Make Games Anyway 27
by Jay Weston [12.05.12]
Artist Jay Weston explains how despite limited patience for and understanding of programming he was able to use Unity and the Playmaker visual scripting system to develop Unknown Orbit, a 3D iOS game he released this week.
Programming, Smartphone/Tablet