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  The Games Fund launches with $50M to support devs in US, Europe
image A team of game industry investors and creators has launched a new $50 million fund with the goal of putting its resources, both financially and professionally, behind game developers.
  Get a job: Join Airship Syndicate as a Producer
image Airship is currently seeking a skilled Producer to help drive the schedule and quality across its games.
  Analyst: PS5 boasts record console launch despite continuing supply issues
image Data collected by the NPD Group seems to indicate that the PlayStation 5 has raked in more cash than any past console when comparing the first few months after launch.
5 Don't Miss: How Rogue Legacy handles tutorials without being boring
image How do you teach players how to play your game without getting bogged down in boring tutorials? Rogue Legacy developer Teddy Lee shares his secrets.
  Square Enix shoots down acquisition rumors
image Square Enix isn't currently looking for a buyer, nor is the Japanese company looking to sell off any of its subsidiaries despite a Bloomberg report claiming otherwise.
  Blog: Examining the craft of video game music composition
image In this partial transcript of an online Q&A, video game music composer Winifred Phillips describes her process for several projects - including Spyder, Shrek the Third, Shattered State, and Assassin's Creed Liberation.
1 Hitman and Project 007 developer IO Interactive opens Barcelona studio
image Hitman developer IO Interactive has opened a new studio in Barcelona as it continues to scale up.
  PUBG owner Krafton applies for preliminary approval ahead of potential IPO
image Kratfon, the video game holding company that owns PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has applied for preliminary approval for an initial public offering.
  Facebook has enabled software subscriptions for Oculus Quest
image The company said it wants to give developers the ability to "seamlessly delver" new content, features, and tools to app subscribers.
2 Blog: 7 nudges and manipulative techniques present in Undertale
image This brief article will highlight 7 major manipulations found inside Undertale, and how they influence the player's experience.
  See how Sucker Punch brought the island of Tsushima to life at GDC 2021
image Sucker Punch's Parker Hamilton will be breaking down the systems that power Ghost of Tsushima's open world at the all-digital GDC 2021!
  Get a job: Join 505 Games as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager
image The Senior Product Marketing Manager will be joining a close-knit team of experienced professionals to bring free-to-play titles on mobile, console, and PC to market.
  Devs can now check out Epic Games' MetaHuman Creator, now in early access
image Epic Games is slowly opening up access to its MetaHuman Creator, a browser and cloud-based tool that allows devs to create high-fidelity (and fully rigged!) human models in a matter of minutes.
  Cyberpunk 2077 dev CD Projekt estimates record revenue for 2020
image CD Projekt isn't due to share its full-year financials until April 22, but that hasn't stopped the Cyberpunk and The Witcher developer from sharing a sneak peek at estimated figures ahead of time.
  Mobile publisher and marketing platform AppLovin nets $2 billion through IPO
image Mobile company AppLovin has raised $2 billion through an initial public offering that valued the company at $28.6 billion. 
  Blog: Publishing a game on Epic Games Store - Three (not so) simple steps
image Making sure your game reaches the widest audience used to be a straight-forward process: make your it available on the big digital storefronts, a few key retailers, and that was it. It all changed with Epic Games Store. How did we get there?
1 Sony details how it redesigned its PS5 packaging to help save the planet
image Sony has explained how it's championing sustainability with its new PlayStation 5 packaging.
  Apex Legends has amassed 100 million players in two years
image Apex Legends has amassed 100 million players worldwide, according to developer Respawn.
1 Xbox continues gradual removal of Xbox Live Gold from free-to-play games
image Microsoft announced earlier this year that it would stop requiring its paid online play subscription service Xbox Live Gold for free-to-play games, and the console maker is slowly making progress toward that promise.
  Get a job: Join Immutable as a Game Producer
image The studio is looking for a Producer to join its team on Guild of Guardians.
  Activision and indie dev clash over Warzone trademark
image The indie dev behind the webgame Warzone sent a cease and desist to Activision last year over the AAA studio's attempt to trademark its own use of Warzone. Now Activision has fired back with its own legal complaint.
2 Why TikTok matters for game discovery
image TikTok - the shortform video social app which sports hundreds of millions of MAUs worldwide - can be a boon for the right type of game. We explain how within.
4 Don't Miss: Creating the inviting mini-world of Animal Crossing
image In this classic 2013 interview, Gamasutra sits down with Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi -- also the producer of the Wii Sports series -- to ask him some questions about the design of Animal Crossing.
  Oculus bringing Air Link wireless and native 120Hz support to Quest 2 headsets
image Oculus is bringing official wireless support to its Quest 2 headset using new 'Oculus Air Link' technology.
  Blog: Going indie in the midst of a pandemic
image This blog post is a look back at our experience during the first year of going indie at Gerdoo Games. This transition happened at the height of the pandemic.

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2 7 Nudges & Manipulative Techniques present in Undertale
by Mattia Podini
This brief article will highlight 7 major manipulations found inside Undertale, and how they...
  Composer Interview: Examining the Craft of Video Game Music Composition
by Winifred Phillips
In this partial transcript of an online Q&A, video game music composer Winifred Phillips describes...
  Publishing a game on Epic Games Store: Three (not so) simple steps
by Anna Plisovitskaya
Making sure your game reaches the widest audience used to be a straight-forward process: make your...

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arrowPress Releases
How To Write Low-Spoiler Hints For Adventure Games
image Meghann O'Neill breaks down her process of writing incremental hint guides that minimize spoilers while gently helping players toward quest progression.
Subverting Player Expectation Part II
image Naughty Dog level designer Pete Ellis illustrates how The Last of Us Part II mixes up its gameplay mechanics to reduce predictability while keeping players engaged.
Game Pillars And Values
image Subnautica director Charlie Cleveland explains how to establish a foundation of pillars and ideological values during the early stages of game development.
Renderer Game Studios
Renderer Game Studios We provide high-quality AAA Video Game Art Assets and Animation service at low rate!
Ozone Music & Sound
Ozone Music & Sound Game Developers from Austin, London, Sydney and around the world, some of the most successful Movie Studios in Hollywood, Advertising Agencies in Detroit, Chicago, New York, and L.A., and Recording Artists, trust their Creative Audio to Ozone Music & Soun
Streamline Media Group
Streamline Media Group Streamline Media Group is more than just video games. We're a global technology and entertainment company with a drive to create and collaborate. We build the bridge between Entertainment, Technology and Production.
ADIA Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd We are a 40-people game art production studio based in China, we've been serving the global game dev industry for more than 10 years, providing 2D Concepts, Illustrations, UI graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation (Key-frame & Spine).
DIGITAL SHOCK INC. We are a team of dedicated professionals that have 20+ years in the outsource gaming industry. We specialize in 3D artwork, and we have worked on titles such as Age of Empires, Superman, Lord of the Rings, and Lego (among many others).

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