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October 31, 2014
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 Game Developer  magazine closing in July 2013
Game Developer magazine closing in July 2013
April 9, 2013 | By Staff

After over 19 years of disseminating the best strategies around the art, science and business of video games, our hearts are heavy to announce that, as of July 2013, Game Developer magazine will stop printing its physical edition, and transition to become a section in Gamasutra.

The final issue sent to print subscribers will be the June/July 2013 issue, and the Game Career Guide special issue, disseminated to events including PAX Prime and GDC, will be the final physical issue available.

The magazine will also be ceasing distribution of digital issues, but will start to gradually transition its complete legacy content onto sister website Gamasutra's 'Game Developer on Gamasutra' section for free, where we also hope to continue publishing new Game Developer-centric content from some of our regular contributors.

If you are currently a paid subscriber (either digital or physical) of the magazine, we will contact you over the next few days with options for either refunding or fulfilling the remainder of your subscription with an alternative product.

We've made the decision to shift away from print as part of a wider strategy change in our parent company UBM Tech, which is simultaneously shifting other print publications either to digital only or to website-specific content, orienting them to help support our growing community-centric events such as Game Developers Conference.

However, we will conduct Game Developer's major research (such as the Salary Survey) as part of Gamasutra's remit going forwards, as well as continuing to print historical and newly sourced game postmortems on Gamasutra.

Finally, a special thank you to all of the EICs of the publication over its almost two decades - including, but absolutely not limited to Larry O'Brien, Mark DeLoura, Alex Dunne, Jennifer Olsen, Simon Carless, Jamil Moledina, Alex Handy, Brandon Sheffield, and Patrick Miller, and our hundreds of contributors over the years - especially stalwart columnists such as (but again, not limited to) , Mick West, Chris Hecker, Steve Theodore, Jesse Harlin, Jon Blow, Noah Falstein, Matthew Wasteland, and so many more. And thanks for reading - we'll miss you.

If you have any immediate questions or issues, or would like to pass along your memories of Game Developer magazine to print in our last physical issue, please comment below or contact us via - we really want to hear from you about what the magazine has meant to you.

[UPDATE: Clarified headline: while the 'Game Developer on Gamasutra' section will continue with old and hopefully new content being posted on the website, there will be no 'digital magazine' produced after July.]

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Ryan Leonski
profile image
I just subscribed for print. I love the feel of the paper and I don't like the cumbersome format of digital. Perhaps I'm just an old guy.......

Seriously I'm going to miss my favorite magazine in my hands.

Nathaniel Abernathy
profile image
This is a major bummer. This year I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to GD and am(was) looking forward to all the great info the GD had to offer. I know that nearly everything contained therein I could find here on Gamasutra, or with a little digging, all around the net, but I honestly dislike reading on the internet and feel that there is a higher standard set for physical publications. Of course I may be completely wrong in that regard, but at least I will still have a few issue left to enjoy. Thanks GD

Ryan Barrett
profile image

Jane Castle
profile image
lol! I thought I was the only one........

Russ Menapace
profile image
Reader's digest?

Carlo Delallana
profile image
i bet so many awesome games were designed on the toilet, GD mag in hand and GDD scribbles on the TP

Paul Speed
profile image
I thought the exact same thing. Gamasutra doesn't work so well on a tablet for me, I guess.

Kaitlyn Kincaid
profile image
Angry birds?

James Barnette
profile image
an iPad like the rest of us lol

Arturo Nereu
profile image
Wow, Ill definitely miss the GDMag. Also, it will live in our hearts forever since Phyne Games appeared there last year. And Im pretty sure it was the first Mexican game studio there.

Thanks GDMag.

Clinton Keith
profile image
Wow. Very sad news. I started in the industry at the same time as the magazine started publishing and it was my best source of information. I read every page (sometimes twice).

Brandon Sheffield
profile image
It's worded rather confusingly up there for some reason, but the digital edition isn't continuing, they're just going to keep putting the old content on gamasutra.

Also, thanks for your help as an adviser over the years!

Clinton Keith
profile image
Thanks for the correction Brandon (I read it after I edited my comment). That truly sucks! I hand off every print copy to my sons (14 & 17) who love to read it. They'll miss it as much as I will.

Brandon, thanks for the many years of work you have put in to the magazine and community. I hope you keep it up! You've got my vote for the Ambassador Award!

David Marcum
profile image
Thanks Brandon.

Matt Hackett
profile image
Awful news. I am a fan of magazines, and GDM is one of my favorites. I'm glad I at least got ONE screenshot from one of my games in there before it was gone ;)

Best of luck to anyone who might be losing their job, and thanks for the years of awesome content.

Lech Lozny
profile image
Well this stinks. What happens to stuff like the post-mortems and the technical articles? Will they be put up on Gamasutra as features, or will we loose those resources completely? Is there a competing publication that can take those over?

John Leffingwell
profile image
Sad news, guys. Each new issue of GDmag appearing in my mailbox is one of the things I look forward to most each month. May its death make Gamasutra even stronger. Good luck with the transition.

Ted Brown
profile image
Sorry to hear this. Been a fan since the first issue with Pinky the Demon on it, and it was a dream to be printed in its pages. But... c'est le vie, congrats on an amazing run, and laissez les bons temps rouler!

David Marcum
profile image
Yeah, I love that magazine. I'm gonna download every issue I can, tonight.

Also... Now it will take willpower in order for me to read these articles. One of the things I love about GDMag is that it has no comments section to draw me to. Gamasutra trolls are now going to invade my GDMag reading. I know I could just not read the comments, but that takes willpower. I have none

Chris Charla
profile image
Some of the best insight commentary, by far, in the game industry has been in Game Developer over the years (up to the most recent issues). This is a major bummer, and a huge loss for the industry as a whole.

David Amador
profile image
omg this is so sad :(

Jonathan Barone
profile image
Like a few others here, I finally got a physical subscription just in time for the mag to shut down. Too bad. I know magazines in general have had a tough time of late, but hoped that GDMag would persist given the (seemingly) robust advertiser content. Given the vast wasteland of consumer-focused game journalism, I have really enjoyed GDMag's thoroughly researched, well-written and -edited content (and their Wasteland was entertaining).

I hope all the staffers land on their feet, either continuing on with Gamasutra or finding other positions that don't dampen the journalistic standards they have maintained at GDMag.

Mike Kasprzak
profile image
Wow, Nintendo Power and now GDMag. That's pretty much the end of print to me.

Filip Lizanna
profile image
Damn. Sucks. Just bought two issues last weekend, was considering the paper subscription so I could get the best of postmortems.

Lisa Brown
profile image
Alas! I had been donating all my physical copies to my old high school library (not really sure how much circulation it got, but I like to think some kids may have read it). Oh well, such is life.

Vince Dickinson
profile image
Hopefully "Matthew Wasteland" will continue his series on Gamasutra or elsewhere. It's pretty funny.

Russell Carroll
profile image
Ironically just got my latest issue on my desk today.
Sad to see it end.

Goodbye "Old."
"New" beware. You "Borrowed" and "Blue" are all on notice.

Mike Griffin
profile image
I've been part of some magazine shutterings. Granted, usually it's been extreme enthusiast gamer mags with about half a million circulation, tops, and lifespans of 5-6 years. Regardless, it's a very sad time for all involved. Ending a print mag run is especially painful. That sense of producing a physical product, a custom-designed journal, month after month, is thrilling. When you know there won't been any more sweet staff collaborations nor books coming back from the printer, it gets you right in the heart.

Good luck, GDMag staffers! And to readers: Remember your favorite editors and follow them going forward!

Aaron San Filippo
profile image
Sad to see it go!

Kudos to the staff for putting together such great content over the years. From Brandon's insightful editor comments to the humor section at the end, I spent a good amount of time in this magazine each month.

On the plus side - I'm really looking forward to seeing even more content on Gamasutra!

Dustin Demonja
profile image
This is indeed very sad news. I am also one of those persons who loves the feel of paper when reading. This magazine was truly a source of great inspiration and information for me when I started my path into game development.

Jeffrey Senita
profile image
Will the past issues be distributed via the new website as they are now? Or will a single issue appear as many individual articles?

Adam Romney
profile image
This is really really disappointing. As it has been said many times in the previous comments, this doesn't really come as a shock given the declining state of print media. I thoroughly enjoyed my year's worth of print issues, and I really liked the new format of the magazine as well. I have never been a regular reader of Gamasutra, but I was a regular reader of GD Mag. I hope the quality of work remains consistent.

Michiel Hendriks
profile image
Rather ironic that I received a renewal letter today.

Jonathan Murphy
profile image
I'm glad I kept all my Game Developer magazines. This is a massive loss. I relied on them for consumer sales, industry pay rates, which companies were destined for the toilet, and the ones heading for greatness. I hope the website maintains. We badly need the raw data this site provides.

Bryson Whiteman
profile image
Unfortunate! Such great content every month. Going to miss the Arrested Development segments! haha

Thanks to everyone that made it happen!

Krissie King
profile image
Sad. My beloved companion on many flights. I will certainly miss my GDMag stack building up on my coffee table. That said, I support the decision. GO GREEN!!!!

Daniel Burke
profile image
A real shame, but to be honest I lost a lot of interest in the magazine quite a few years ago when they stopped having a developer focus with actual code and started just having lots of art reviews and opinions on things.

Sorry, no doubt some will flame but this is from a programmers perspective.. I used to buy it at the newsagent every month and am pretty sure I have edition numbers in the single digits somewhere so there might even be a lot of people who never experienced the old GDMag anyway and not even know what I am on about.

Basically GDmag used to be a programmers magazine, it then become an artist/designers magazine and I stopped buying it. This was over 15 years ago though so take that as you want.

Still sorry to see it ending, it really is a sad sign of the times to me.

Dimitri Del Castillo
profile image
I'm alright with this. I've changed address so often that I didn't bother sending in the changes. Can't wait for the online ed. I have a feeling all the folks that read it whilst on the throne will now read it on their phone/tablets while in the loo. And spare me with the denials, I can always hear some one tapping on an iPad in the stalls at work.

Gil Salvado
profile image
Maybe I'll even start to read it now as soon as it goes online. Stopped reading print magazines some years ago.

Ali Afshari
profile image
Wow, that really sucks. I was just starting to get used to having a recurring subscription :(

Dominique Da Costa
profile image
As a paid subscriber of GD Mag, I feel sad, because this mag was like the ones I was used to read 25 years ago (ST Magazine for example) : a mag with deep articles, not short ones as the current web fashion. A mag with articles on programming, art, business, etc...A mag for game makers...even if I was a little bit disappointed by the last contents : less technical, less deep, with more publicity.

And a mag, even digital, is not a web site. A mag is en entity composed by its articles, every month, entity you're waiting and can read in its entirety, making the reading experience different than a blog one. This is why, for me, Gamasutra and GDMag were two differents things, complementary, and I don't understand the end of its digital form, if it continue on a web form (hope it's not to follow the fashion of short articles like twitts!). I would maybe have to find a new mag now..any idea ?

Carsten Germer
profile image
I wont miss the print (never had it) but it's kinda sad for the digital version, and just after I had renewed my subscription as support...
I just hope that all the talented people who work(ed) for GDM find a new home with Gamasutra. Best of luck to everyone!

Diego Sanchez
profile image
Just subscribed last summer, but it's been the only paper mag I've read in more than 10 years. Sad to see it going; as many have pointed out, digital is not the same, and wont be able to read it while waiting for the kids at school.

Best of luck to all involved, but I have the feeling that this "Change in strategy" in UBM Tech will be no good news for a lot of people.

Steven Ehrensperger
profile image
About a week ago my wife wanted me to clear some space on the counter and she pointed to a stack of GDM from about 5 years ago. So I thought, okay... I'll get rid of some of these older issues that aren't relevant anymore.
Oh, wait, this issue had a cool post-mortem. Um, another post-mortem I liked... Oh, yeah - heat-mapping the deaths of the players to see problematic zones in the levels - that was clever... Darn.
So, I had to find somewhere else to put them, because in one respect or another, this retro data format remains relevant, at least to me...

Aaron Eastburn
profile image
I hope the first post-mortem in the Game Developer on Gamasutra "edition" is one on running (and closing) Game Developer Magazine!

Danny Calleri
profile image
I subscribed for print + digital edition just a few days ago, what I should do?

Jeff Morin
profile image
Aw man. Even though I never subscribed, I was always exited to see what next month's cover looked like. You guys had some awesome covers.

Russ Perry Jr
profile image
So sorry to hear the magazine is ending. I've only missed a few along the way -- #7 through #10, 3-2, 16-7, 16-9, 17-6 and 17-7 -- and would love to find these someday!

Ben Grater
profile image
What a shame. As someone who stares at screens all day I'll miss having all this relevant information in a printed format.

Well, thanks for putting out a great mag for all these years.

Andy Ponx
profile image
oh no! I loved the GD mag, usually i read every single page. It is/was so packed with useful information that it was sometimes hard to finish it within one month. All the best to the team and thank you for all the great work.