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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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5M Nintendo 3DS consoles sold in Japan
5M Nintendo 3DS consoles sold in Japan
February 20, 2012 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: The Nintendo 3DS is now the fastest-selling games console to reach 5 million hardware sales in Japan, taking exactly 52 weeks to do so.

According to data from tracking firm Media Create, and as translated by Andriasang, the latest Nintendo console reached this 5 million figure quicker than both the DS and the Game Boy Advance, which took 56 weeks and 58 weeks respectively.

It should be noted that this figure is actual sales from retailers to customers, rather than the number of consoles shipped to retailers.

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Joseph Garrahan
profile image
I'm glad that, since it is selling, it seems like many games will end up on the 3DS and be home to many unique experiences like the DS was before it. The Vita may start selling when it has any good games, which I hope it gets, since competition's good...

I'm sure there is a way to spin this into negative news for Nintendo, c'mon Gamasutra commenters! I especially love the last paragraph....

Chris Melby
profile image

Maybe Sony should drop the price on the Vita $80 and finally release some good games.

Then we could say; "Great job by Sony! That $80 price drop really helped out, along with releasing good games finally." :)

Joseph Garrahan
profile image
Well, with their current sales, Sony will have to do just that. Because obviously the public is not dying to buy it at the current price and I doubt it will sell like hotcakes even when good games come out, at that price (with the memory card and a game).

I don't understand why people use the 3DS price drop as a complaint regarding why it is selling well. It is a business and if a product is not priced correctly, AND you have the means to adjust it to the "sweet spot", then do it. Why not?

If it ends up working for Sony, then they should do it, too. I think $200 with a memory card should be a sweet spot for them. I want a Vita, but none of the current games seem like a must-buy. Uncharted seems gimmicky and to play itself. And the other games are mostly ports. But I'm sure it won't always be like that :-)

Douglass Perry
profile image
Mike, thanks for using sold-through numbers not sold-in numbers; they mean more. But why are you calling the 3DS a console? The Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3 are game consoles. The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld system.

Christian Rivers
profile image
Video game console: a specific device for playing video games

Handheld game console: a specific lightweight and portable device for playing video games

Ian Uniacke
profile image
I assume he's calling it that because he's trying to make clear that it is selling faster than any of those devices, eg faster than DS, gameboy, PSP, PS3, Wii, PS2 etc

David Gonzales
profile image
glad to hear nintendo is doing well i love my 3DS and i know there is so much potential for it to sell way more units if curtain games became available. for example they should put minecraft on the 3DS ive read so many forums were people said they would buy the 3DS on the spot if minecraft was on it, and you know the 3DS it can handle minecraft easily. i also think some simple MMORPGs like maplestory would be great not the one for DS that was a offline single player i mean the full online multiplayer version.

i also want to see an indie games section in the eshop because i would like to see some new a better games in there so far we get this not so great selections.

the eshop should also release old NES and NES classics that we big back in the days like SMB 2 and 3, super mario world, or just super mario allstars would make it easier. super mario RPG maybe as a release as they release the new paper mario 3D, same for the n64 paper mario

what im saying is there is so much nintendo can do that would make the 3DS a must have

David Patton
profile image
I am glad to see this console really take off because its a great console, most fun I have had out of a portable in a while. I would like to see some great games in the next couple of years I just hope they don't bring out a 3DS XL or 3DS i plus magnum or something.

David Gonzales
profile image
oh god i hope not, i would be pissed to see a newer slightly changed version come out, i didnt spend all that money on this thing for it to come out with a new version so soon, one of the reasons i never got a ipod, cause they had a new one every month XD