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December 21, 2014
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December 21, 2014
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The SCUMM Diary: Stories behind one of the greatest game engines ever made 13
by Staff, Mike Bevan [07.12.13]
It's rare that the mention of a video game engine can elicit emotions nearly as strong as the games that it powers, but SCUMM is special in a lot of ways. SCUMM co-creator Aric Wilmunder tells the stories behind the well-regarded engine.
Design, Programming, Production

Dirty Game Development Tricks 21
by Game Developer Magazine Staff [06.24.13]
One of Game Developer's most popular features was our "Dirty Coding Tricks" bit from 2009, where we got devs to open up about some of their ugly hacks -- and in 2013 we're back with nine new from-the-trenches stories, including a few unorthodox tricks from other dev disciplines besides programming.
Programming, Game Developer Magazine, Console/PC, GD Mag Exclusive

Postmortem: Treyarch's 2002 hit, Spider-Man 2
by Jamie Fristrom [06.21.13]
In this reprint from the August 2002 issue of Game Developer magazine, Spider-Man dev Jamie Fristrom (Energy Hook) writes about what went right and what went wrong with the game's development process.
Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Exclusive, GD Mag Exclusive

Postmortem - Sony Santa Monica's God of War: Ascension 11
by Whitney Wade, Chacko Sonny [06.19.13]
In this postmortem from the final issue of Game Developer, Sony Santa Monica senior producer Whitney Wade and director of internal development Chacko Sonny discuss bringing multiplayer to the God of War experience.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Console/PC, GD Mag Exclusive

Advanced Audio Streaming in Unity 12
by Ben Long, Fredrik Kaupang [06.06.13]
In the midst of making a simple casual game as part of a personal jam, Ben Long and Fredrik Kaupang uncovered a great trick for streaming audio in Unity.
Audio, Programming, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

How to solve the PC resolution problem 14
by Gamasutra Community [12.19.14]
"One of the biggest problems with creating a PC game is figuring out what resolution to use, and how to give the users the same experience regardless of the size of screen with which they view the game."
Programming, Art, Console/PC, Indie

Creating AI: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bots 4
by Gamasutra Community [12.19.14]
"Prismata presents many new and unique challenges that make it different from a traditional RTS.Our goal is to design an intelligent, dynamic, and flexible AI system to allow players to have the most fun."
Programming, Console/PC, Indie

Blog: My personal C# coding guidelines for 2014 6
by Gamasutra Community [12.19.14]
"I have had a number of influences on deciding these including learning from my peers, working on a variety of personal and professional projects, and reading a variety of blog posts."
Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Advice For New Gear VR Developers  
by E McNeill [12.19.14]
Some tips on developing for the Gear VR, the mobile VR headset from Samsung and Oculus.
Design, Programming, Production, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Postbug Technical Overview: Compiling C# to Javascript  
by George Hemingway [12.18.14]
My new Postbug game was developed in C# and compiled to Javascript using Erik Kallen's Saltarelle Compiler. This allows for the game to be developed with a statically typed language and run in the browser on a wide range of platforms.
Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Mod-ern game development  
by Vegard Myklebust [12.18.14]
In this blog-post we share some tips and tricks we've used for making Ludus easily mod-able right from the start.
Design, Programming, Art, Console/PC, Indie

Making Your PC Game Resolution Agnostic - Solving the Resolution Problem 14
by Ian Martin [12.18.14]
One of the biggest problems with creating a PC game is figuring out what resolution to use, and how to give the users the same, or at least a very similar, experience regardless of the size of screen with which they view the game.
Design, Programming, Indie

The Prismata AI: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bots 4
by Dave Churchill [12.18.14]
How I coded the AI for a game with at least as many game states as atoms in the Milky Way Galaxy! Lets dive into an overview of the AI in Prismata: from initial motivations all the way to the bot that played ladder against humans.
Design, Programming, Console/PC, Serious, Indie

En Masse Entertainment — Seattle, Washington, United States
Network Engineer
En Masse Entertainment (EME) is seeking an experienced and collaborative Network Engineer to help us build, automate, and maintain our network infrastructure. You will be working with high end Cisco, Juniper, Citrix, F5, and Netapp equipment in our flagship data center.

Sucker Punch Productions — Bellevue, Washington, United States
IT Administrator

Sucker Punch Productions — Bellevue, Washington, United States
IT Administrator

Gameloft — Seattle, Washington, United States
Gameplay Programmer

Gameloft — Seattle, Washington, United States
Online Programmer

Shiver Entertainment — Miami, Florida, United States
Senior Game Designer
We're looking for a experienced, passionate, and motivated Senior Game Designer who lives and breathes games and is passionate about a broad range of genres and platforms.

Oculus VR — Seattle, Washington, United States
Gameplay Engineer- Oculus

Bigpoint — Hamburg, Germany
Senior Project Manager (m/f) – Hamburg – 3353
Senior Project Manager (m/f) – Hamburg – 3353

Gameloft — New York, New York, United States
Technical Director
Mobile games dominator Gameloft, worldwide publisher of mobile and social games, is looking for a skilled Technical Director.

Rumble Entertainment, Inc. — San Mateo, California, United States
Senior Platform Engineer