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October 22, 2014
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October 22, 2014
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Mechanic Breakdown: Jumping in Counter-strike
by John Mawhorter on 11/30/11 06:58:00 am   Featured Blogs

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Here's a game design breakdown for jumping in Valve's seminal Counter-Strike.

(2 fixed heights (no phys control and timing/speed phys control (crouchjump)), length based on speed (some phys control), mouse direction air control (no momentum air control)(some phys control), no cooldown.

But due to quake engine physics behavior we have the possibility of bunnyhopping (timing, phys control of mouse and keyboard in alternating rhythm) which gives movement around the map at greater speed than usual (but can't really aim at the same time).

Falling damage means that jumping from great heights is not usually effective competitively, but short drop-downs are often used to surprise.

Does not usually provide a combat advantage in the open, since it reduces midair accuracy of all guns except shotguns (here it can be used to jump-shoot over low walls or to present a more difficult to hit target, and give easier angle for headshots).

Can be used to obtain vision of enemy by jump-peeking, often in combination with sniper rifle or to counter a sniper who's scoping a spot.

Level design and jumping: navigating the environment without jumping at all is possible in most levels. Jumping, however, often provides a speed advantage in getting to certain positions (box jump in t spawn to b rush on de_dust2), or is required for safe transitions (jumping into pit at long A in de_dust2), or in combination with boosting (jumping on another players head) can be used to get to various spots that would otherwise be unreachable (providing speed, safety boosts) (examples de_dust2 ct spawn-box-short a boost, inferno apt window boost (t usually)). Many areas with crates/boxes etc. require jumping in order to navigate (boxes outside de_dust2 b site)

There are also player made jump challenge or trick maps (mostly based on timing and using slight aircontrol in very difficult ways or bunnyhopping).

Low gravity and airspeed/control on scoutzknivez make air navigation and jumping/aircontrol central elements of gameplay on that map. Low gravity on other maps also makes jumping more important, but this map is the main one where it really drives and improves gameplay (in combination with scout, vertical arrangement of map, etc.)

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Paul Szczepanek
profile image
"(2 fixed heights (no phys control and timing/speed phys control (crouchjump)), length based on speed (some phys control), mouse direction air control (no momentum air control)(some phys control), no cooldown."

(this (article) reads (like (a lisp program)), what the hell?

It ends so abruptly; did you forget to paste the rest of the article?

John Mawhorter
profile image
Haha I need to work on my formatting so it's less confusing. I was just trying to make a list of all the pertinent interactions involved with jumping in Counter-strike, as sort of an example of how to do specific mechanical analysis of games. If you can think of more relevant things about jumping in Counter-strike feel free to add them in comments.

Gregory Kinneman
profile image
This to me is a set of notes for an article that is yet to be written. I'd love to see it turned into something a little more legible, since it seems to show good understanding of the mechanics. Some pics with arrows of the spots on de_dust you are talking about would be nice for those of us who haven't played in 8 years.

Luis Guimaraes
profile image
"2 fixed heights"

Does it mean jump and jump+duck, if so, there's also crounch-hop (tap ctrl) to peak on pawn-high obstacles and crounch jump (hold ctrl, then jump right before finishing going into crounch, while still in momentum from running) to get in de_nuke A vents without touching it, for exemple.

"reduces midair accuracy of all guns except shotguns"

Accuracy of the Glock burst-fire mode is also barely affected by jumping or moving fast.

John Mawhorter
profile image
Yeah I forgot that you can crouch in midair (or earlier by tap) to change your collision box size and that it's important for some jumps, like nuke vents. Also that jump through the nuke lower site window.

Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
profile image
I loved CS 1.3 Bunny-Hopping, silent bunny-hopping(Don't run at full speed), strafe jumping, duckjumping... It was amazing... Then 1.4 came. How dreadful.

John Mawhorter
profile image
I almost put in a section about it, but I played only the very end of 1.3 into 1.4 so I never got too familiar with the broken jumping mechanics.

John Mawhorter
profile image
I do recall that a bunny hopper with an mp5 had perfect accuracy and could headshot people from across the map.