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October 22, 2014
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October 22, 2014
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Bout to mount my mouse with an xController. Any thoughts?
by Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN on 06/13/12 08:09:00 pm

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Gonna glue an xController's battery holder to a mouse... Then mount it

Recently got an 360 xController again. My last one vanished a long while back... I haven't had a console since the N64 and barely touched any games on GameCube/X-BoX/360. I bought the controller, cause I make game modifications and games.

Another reason was I wanted to somehow use a keyboard and controller at the same time, to get rid of dreaded keyboard lock(Wrong key combination or too many keys at once). I was gonna use the right side buttons, instead of Alt(Block) and Space(Duck) by rotating the controller.

After a while, I thought maybe I could mount the mouse with it instead. I HATED using mouse wheel and for some reason I feel it locks up the computer. The only game I ever used it in was World of WarCraft, which oddly I loved it(MWheel_UP as Get Target/StartAttack/Heroic Strike, MWheel_DOWN as Get Target/StartAttack/Charge, Mouse3(Middle) as change enemy target).

Now the problem is if I mount it, instead of mouse position, it'll be controller/gun position. I've always been a mouse user who has a wrist pad/arm pad/elbow pad and mainly use my wrist/fingers for turning. Sure, aiming up/down is slightly weaker than a person who doesn't relax their wrist/arm, but a wrist/finger person still has incredible left/right aim. We could debate on which position is stronger, but nobody ever adds in the fact that you can change sensitivity on the fly and have aiming hotkeys also. Or even change from rested to un-rested position on the fly.

Anyways, now I need two xControllers. One for the keyboard, one for the mouse. This could cause issues, as, some games may not accept two or more controllers or make them all use the some hotkeys.

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Luis Guimaraes
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Have you thought about getting one of these:

Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
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After a decade of using a keyboard in my left hand and a mouse in my right, I have no desire what so ever to use a control stick or track ball with my right hand. Only as a side option to the mouse, itself.

And from what I've heard, trackballs are about 20 to thirty percent weaker than a mouse.