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September 30, 2014
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September 30, 2014
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How much information should your test cases (or test missions, charters, or other types or similar test artifacts) include? What are the pros and cons of adding lots of detailed information in your test cases?

Basic risk-based QA testing methods can substantially reduce your test hours and project budget. If you're unfamiliar with risk-based testing (RBT), you can still reap the benefits by applying these simple priority rating and fluid test plan methods.

Aspiring designers often think they're going to get rich. Actually game design is a hobby for most, not a living. But there are many reasons other than money to design games. My favorite game is the game of designing games, though I do make some money.

Posted by Steve Fulton on 09/29/14 01:05:00 pm in Design, Programming, Console/PC, Indie
While the story is more than 30 years old, the parallels in The Making Of Karateka to developing indie games today are uncanny. For me, reading it was an experience of universal truth, validation, and exhilaration at the unfolding development story.

Posted by Lars Doucet on 09/29/14 01:05:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC, Indie
NewSteam is upon us. Tails will be fatter, launches will be harder. Some good, some bad, net positive.

Posted by Sande Chen on 09/26/14 01:19:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Serious
In this article, game writer Sande Chen reviews data from a study on female characters in media and calls on content creators in the game industry to make a choice to include more female characters in their games.

The last four years have been marked by the rise of social and F2P games and their impact on the game market. Today's post examines why demographics are changing.

Posted by Robert Zak on 09/29/14 02:07:00 pm in Art, Console/PC, Indie
The Damsel in Distress trope in videogames has come under scrutiny, and it's right that we question it. But is it right to condemn the trope absolutely, or should we leave certain games - such as Super Mario - out of the discussion?

Posted by James Cox on 09/29/14 01:08:00 pm in Design, Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online
When making games, you seldom do it alone. Even if you are the only one actually working on the game, the support from your development commune is priceless. This post recalls how it took me 2 years to figure that out and why you should get involved now.

Posted by James Hicks on 09/29/14 01:08:00 pm in Design, Programming, Console/PC, Indie
James explains how Ascent: The Space Game's new colony engine can handle giant cities without skipping a beat.

Posted by Wesley Rockholz on 09/29/14 01:05:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet
5 things I learned about game design after playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Posted by DUTERTRE Simon on 09/29/14 01:05:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Social/Online
A beginner guide to MOBAs and a simple analysis of the gameplay choices