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July 29, 2015
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Posted by Robert Fearon on 07/29/15 01:50:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Serious, Indie
Thoughts on the OUYA/Razer deal and what it means for the Free The Games Fund in the wake of recent news.

In this article we look at color in games: its function, how technology has improved color display, and how our biology affect the perception of color.

Posted by Junxue Li on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Design, Production, Art, Smartphone/Tablet
In this series of posts, I would evaluate the characteristics of maps of a few popular games, from the point view of an art producer. This is part 4, about Jelly Splash, a match game by Wooga.

Part of the regular data mining we do on Kickstarter, this is a look at the state of the platform for video games mid-2015. And I doesn't make me optimistic.

Posted by Asher Einhorn on 07/28/15 05:04:00 pm in Design, Production, Console/PC, Indie
A razor is a simple, often used tool to keep large, creative teams on the right track.

Posted by Jesse Attard on 07/28/15 05:03:00 pm in Programming
An in-depth overview of a very important programming principle often used in game code: Don't Repeat Yourself.

Posted by Nefer Doane on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Production, Indie
Indie game development is stressful. So how did we change our work and mental habits to help us live a more balanced lifestyle? Life skills for big projects. Read on for our reflections as we finish our first iPad game, Turtle Sprint!

Posted by Justin Carroll on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet
What do you think of when you hear the term user acquisition? In mobile gaming it often means paid advertising techniques executed on mobile devices. But traditionally it's meant something much more lucrative.

Today, I want to share you somethings good. I am giving away my personal marketing system for you, for free.

Posted by Puneet Yamparala on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet
This post consists of the tips to become a successful Appreneur. It consists of how to mold your thought in to app and the techniques to be used while coding the app.

Posted by Chris Wright on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie
Two years ago we launched an independent games publishing label without any investors or major backing. Twenty four months, 11 games and some sleepless nights later, it seems like a good time to reflect upon and share the journey so far.

Posted by Fred Tang on 07/29/15 01:12:00 pm in Design, Social/Online
Mission should clearly displays the ongoing information of quests while keep the interface concise. Designer should consider user needs, then push the most user needed promotion of quests to user, not just wait the user to find and response.