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  The Owl & Lighthouse Press Release
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]

The Owl & Lighthouse is a free-to-play idle story collection game releasing on iOS and Android on October 23, 2020. Developed by indie game developer, Wooden Wolf, the game is featured on Google Play Store. 


App Store: 

The Owl and Lighthouse - Game Introduction

The Owl and Lighthouse is an idle game with story collection elements. It features a set of dark fairy tales dedicated to the lonely and longing. The gameplay begins as you enter the depths of the forest, where a silent old man and a very verbal owl lives in a lighthouse. Lost visitors come and go and share their adventurous stories. What you’ll come to realize is that the guests share unexpected connections and your in-game choices have the power to change their destinies.

"Being full of sadness and loneliness every day, he still pretends to be a cool man. I mean a cool owl."


Game Story

Deep down into the woods, inside an inscrutable lighthouse, lives a silent old man and a speaking owl. The owl will greet people with his sharp words upon their first visit. Days pass by, lost travelers come and go, nothing is left but their fanciful stories. 

A mother loves her son so much but has to eat him when he turns eight, a young man who would do everything to avoid "wasting his luck", a girl who wants to learn how to cry, a thin and weak woman who wants to buy “lie medicine", and an old detective needs to investigate a murder case that happened decades ago...All stories are mutually exclusive but internally relevant. Fate and dream, madness and sorrow. All represent the different aspects of the real world. By collecting the clues through the conversation with the old detective, you will surprisingly realize that all visitors may have unexpected connections, and your choices may change their destiny. Everyone is the hero of their own life but could also be the supporting character of others’ life.



The game is free-to-play, and the core game loop is simple: 

The game is a story-collecting idle game, and the core game loop is simple: 

1. Collect wood——produce wood carving.

2. Wait for the owl to bring back wood carvings.

3. Visitors who have picked up the carvings bring their stories to you.

4. Receive notification and find out how the story ends after a while. 


Unlike games that burn your brain and break your fingers to achieve the goal or beat up rivals, this game features elements of idleness and randomness in terms of when you will receive another visitor. The developers did not want to develop a game that will consume too much focus.


Why did we develop a game like this?

The Owl and Lighthouse was inspired by a set of images of an old man who lived in the wild all by himself, isolated, yet being peaceful and determined. The developers of the game are trying to offer comfort to the lonely hearts living the modern life.

·      A mirror into your peaceful but lonely inner world

·      Chilling but thought-provoking short stories prepared for your break times

·      Bedtime dark fairy tales for grown-ups


Here are the reasons why it appeals to different audiences:

1.     A relaxing idle game: The game is designed for player's break times, completing a core loop costs less than 5 mins. Then you exit the game till the next traveler visits.

2.    Various story & carving collection: You could unlock various crafting materials as the story unfolds, which leads to an abundance of wood carving collection. Different wood carvings bring in new guests, with further storytelling.

3.    Unsolved puzzle: Travelers' stories are standalone in the beginning, while they are deeply associated with each other at the end. Together they made up a puzzle, which is left for the audience to solve.

4.    Sarcastic tone: The satirical Owl, Earl is an important character, who leads the conversation with guests using his unique, dark and sarcastic tone. Some may find it hilarious while others feel it quite real." Being full of sadness and loneliness every day though,he still pretends to be a cool man. I mean a cool owl." Sometimes irony is just the name of life.

5.    Fine-grained details. The weather changes along the seasons, sun rises up and goes down, bad weather occurs occasionally...all these subtle changes are well reflected in the game - and of course, related to the narrative. Some guests would not show up until the right timing.


Highlights of “The Owl and Lighthouse”:

  • A world with aesthetic, symbolic, and interactive elements
  • You can collect over a hundred well-designed stories from visitors and change their destinies.
  • A relaxing idle game that provide private mental experience