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August 7, 2020
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Press Releases
  Apolune Brings Minimal Casual Back to PC, At a Lower Price Than Before!
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]





Steam Store Page:

Apolune is a minimalist, endless procedural evolutionary space war. Enjoy fighting wave after wave of enemy starships in a classic "2D" simulation that evolves and mutates as you fight on, victorious. Defend the Earth from hordes of vile aliens in your simple craft: point-and-shoot.

Apolune: an endless, procedural space war fought through skill and determination alone or in pairs! Enjoy this PC bullet-hell roguelike shooter evolve before your eyes with every kill. Test your wits and push your limits, using keyboard or controller. Join up with a friend to share the keyboard or challenge yourself on the two-player leaderboards. Cheat to your hearts content, and try the game in a huge variety of resolutions, including massive TripleHead2Go and DualHead2Go support. Push the limits in 4K and beyond. Even works on your old 32-bit lo-fi systems.

Apolune is a minimalist, endless procedural evolutionary space war. Enjoy fighting wave after wave of enemy starships in a classic "2D" simulation that evolves and mutates as you fight on, victorious. Defend the Earth from hordes of vile aliens in your simple craft: point-and-shoot.

Fight while orbiting far away stars, dark rogue planets, bizarre alien worlds and deep interstellar objects. Contemplate your place in the endless galaxy.

Compare previous session statistics with your current standing. Achieve milestones and upload to Steam databank. Test your might against the world!

The beauty is in what you will discover.

  • Controls: Keyboard only (or Steam controller!)
  • Navigator: WASD + Left CTRL
  • Gunner: Right CTRL + Left + Right arrow keys
  • Requires mouse to click menu buttons.
Two-Player Co-op Two Ways!   It cannot be overly stressed about how nifty this feature is.

Local co-op can be achieved by sharing the hot-seat: one person is the navigator (left side of keyboard), the other is the gunner (right side of keyboard) in the same ship.

Additionally, read the README file to learn about the "true" Two Player option that allows you to map a controller to control the Astronaut in a one-of-a-kind second player tethered experience on a shared screen (local hot seat / co-op).

Cheat Codes revealed on SGJ Podcast #277

FEB 5 @ 10:39PM - MAD MERV

Watch and listen to the podcast here to learn tips, tricks and the cheat codes:

YouTube™ Video: SGJ Podcast #277 - Apolune 

Views: 138

Multistreaming with For this week's Podcast, we'll be talking to the developer of the upcoming space shooter, Apolune!

Thanks again to Brian, Jim, Hunter and Spaz! It was a lot of fun.

Soft Launch right in the middle of the Lunar New Year Sale! Feb 6, why wait, buy this game now during the discount! 

Officially launching Feb 13, we hope to have leaderboards working soon if they aren't after launch. Compete against yourself and your friends by achieving a high score.

Also, keep in mind there is a second player activated during the first 30 kills, when you hit Y or U keys, or use the Steam Controller profile that supports Player 2 controls (FTGH JIKL YU keys)

By playing with a second player you will have your score recorded to the "2 Player" leaderboard variations.

Happy hunting!

Notes about cheat codes:


  • You will gain some achievements from using them.
  • You won't have your score recorded to the global leaderboards.
  • You will enjoy them, and can always go back to not cheating.


Status: On Steam

Available Platforms: Windows 32- or 64-bit, Linux (via Steam Winux Magic)

Players: One or two

Genre: Shmup

Controllers: Yep

Retail: $4.20 USD (New Price! Discounted from $6.99 at Launch)

Official Site:

In post-launch update #1, the following changes have been made:


  • Fix to horrible random crash issue in "quad tree collider" after 50 kills
  • Added "mines" at kill count 150, on Right CTRL Key to player 1
  • Add deflector field that uses stamina once stamina is gained
  • Tweaked stamina allowances
  • Changed the way that the ram/dodge effect works slightly to increase number of times it can be used as you progress
  • Made it possible to survive beyond 1000 kills
  • Changed the way support fleets work. Previously if you destroyed a ship with launchable ships, they died and you got no reward. Fighters now launch from their destroyed ship with damage already accrued.
  • Added tinge to bullets in cheater mode so people can be less able to claim they weren't cheating when they were in videos and screenshots
  • Added new sounds to new features and stamina-related features

This version will go live at 6:30pm EST today, Feb 8 2019.


Lost Astronaut Studios

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Founded 2007


Main contact

H. Elwood Gilliland III

[email protected]

LAGameStudio @ Twitter

Company Description

A lone developer focused on making games no big studio would ever make. Based in the Great Lakes region (Western Pennsylvania) with helpful associates in Turkey, Belgium, Japan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Seattle, Canada, Connecticut and California, among other places.


Proprietorship was founded on a whim in 2008 by an experienced tech industry professional who started his career making textual open source games in the early 1990s and studied under Dr. Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture.

Prior game-related consulting and coursework

ETC at Carnegie Mellon University (BSc Interaction Design, Minors Art, Multimedia), Platform Digital, EA/URBZ, BSF/Fallout 3, DikuMUD, Ecere Corp, OpenAL, Sierra On-line