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May 22, 2019
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Press Releases
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

We are a small studio experimenting with fun and casual gaming experiences. Inspired by Nintendo, we are building the Matchyverse, a universe of entertaining, stress-free games under the umbrella of Matchy Star, an original family friendly IP made of color and fun for kids-at-heart.

Introducing, MatchyGotchy Z —  all the nostalgia of those old virtual pets, fully adapted into a desktop gaming experience. It’s the perfect game for those who want to relax while doing a thousand different things at once. MatchyGotchy Z is a colorful digital pet game that combines idle clicker elements with a new take on pet-raising simulation: trainable personalities. Unlike most virtual pet games, MatchyGotchy Z pets’ behavior is entirely defined by how the player interacts with the pet, meaning you click on them to reward actions you want them to enjoy. There are no predetermined personalities! This means that no amount of food or toys can change a ‘grumpy butt’ personality, only attentive training clicking will.



MatchyGotchy Z introduces Zoot as the Matchyverse's main currency. There are new places like Zootlandia, the money trade house; and MatchyMart, the galaxy's monster store where you can spend all your shinies, or even save them to reinvest if you want. We all know money can't buy happiness, but it sure can buy cake and that's pretty close to the real thing.

Expanding also the roster of pets available, the whole gang from MatchyGotchy comes back with new friends. The laboratory is much larger now, since each pet will have unique personalities, they certainly deserves to have their own laboratory wing, too. And, since everyone requested more mini-games, there are so many more mini-games that even keeping your Star healthy is a mini-game now.

In MatchyGotchy Z, customization is key. Define your pet's diet, pick out clothing, and make your pet your own - from a 'Derpsome Cutie' or a 'Master Shipwright' type of personality. Deep down they are all good eggs, it is all in the clicking. The future of the Matchyverse depends on you.


- Combining pet sims and clicker mechanics, you can train your pets to have the personality you like best. They can enjoy singing, or they can enjoy working - it depends entirely on you. 

- New characters include: Stardust, Starbase derpsome linguist; Era, MatchyMart's funtastic clerk; and Zee, Zootlandia's spoopy smart analyst.

- 10 new customizable games to enjoy: cups, hackysack, cards and so many more.

- New locations: laboratory expansion, MatchyMart and Zootlandia. Starbase the cool place to hang out!

- Introducing Zoot as MatchyGotchy currency. You can save or invest your money in Zootlandia. It's also kinda shiny and cute, so you can just stare at it too if you want.

- Full user customization. You can now buy food, change outfit, and console colors in MatchyMart.

- Buy a ticket to Xanadu’s legendary Space Water Park, BIG X!

- Monster archive inventory, MatchyDex. Keep track of all the new characters and items, and learn about them.

-  Multiple achievements, leaderboards, could save, and Steam cards as soon as Steam allows it.

- Early Access schedule with active community support: you can vote on content before it goes live, or even tell us what kind of items you would like! Exclusive access via Discord during Early Access.

MatchyGotchy Z is an expanded and revamped experience in the MatchyGotchy series, including a universe of fresh new options for returning players. We are excited about Early Access because we want to include players’ feedback. We had a very great beta run with MatchyGotchy and over 300 keys requests in one week, a positive start for an unknown franchise. We hope MatchyGotchy Z will grow twice as much and we have months of content scheduled to go already.

Limited Early Access Steam keys will be available! Reach out to us at [email protected] to request MGZ Steam keys. We are also open to any other press inquiries as needed, or you can just email us to say hello!

Press Release kit is available right here.



Matchy Star is a casual action puzzle game. Match-them-all to progress through strategy and skill challenges. It’s a fresh take on the Match-3 genre that takes on skills rather than luck. Explore the galaxy from the Alpha System and Starbase, all the way to the legendary Xanadu. There are over 40 levels throughout 11 systems, and hundred items to collect for your 3 ships: Zippy, Skippy, and Bob.

Matchy Star has inspired games such as MatchyGotchy, MatchyGotchy Z and Matchy Kooky Cookies, therefore the term of Matchyverse - it is a community driven universe of color and wholesome fun.



We believe games can be more just a pastime — they can improve your world. Silverware Games is based in Boston, Massachusets but we live online, just like memes and cats. We take pride in supporting diversity in creativity by hiring talent all around the globe. We love fun, and we thrive on making games to help people find the fun in life.

We are building the Matchyverse, a series of casual and colorful multiple genre games staring Matchy Star and friends. Matchy Match-3, pet sims, clickers, puzzles - and we continue to grow.



We are active and open with our community, they are the reason why we exist to begin with! We often share announcements, build updates, some memes and cute doggo photos along game development information via our community links:




Steam developer page

If you don't care for social media, we also share these updates via Newsletter. So feel free to sign up to follow us and don't miss out on beta invites, giveaways, and other surprises. Feedback is important for us, and we are often reaching out for it.