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Why are We Still Talking about LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?
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February 20, 2020
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February 20, 2020
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Why are We Still Talking about LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

April 5, 2013 Article Start Previous Page 4 of 6 Next

Maniac Mansion was crafted with seamless perfection. In the same way Mario is timeless and can be enjoyed by any generation, so can the point and click adventure of a group of teens infiltrating a creepy house to rescue their friend.

I enjoyed the storytelling, the clean and appealing aesthetic and after all these years, I can still beatbox Michael's theme!

- Lateef Martin, Miscellaneum Studios

LucasArts adventures are timeless because they introduced an entire generation to the real potential of what a game could do! I remember vividly the excitement anytime I would GET a new adventure game from LucasArts. I’d get so excited I’d READ the manual front-to-back before getting home. I always knew that regardless of the game I purchased, I could PUSH the button toTURN ON the computer where then I’d be invited to GO TO some crazy place.

Perhaps you’d find a NEW KID that needed help? You could GIVE someone a bottle of root beer, READ the National Inquisitor, or PULL up on your motorcycle going full throttle. You could ask WHAT IS the difference between a green and purple tentacle and PICK UP a ticket for the Number Nine. Yes you had to OPEN your mind and USE your brain, but what a wonderfully inspiring and imaginative way to spend years and years and years.

- Chris Campbell, senior producer, studios at Big Fish Games

Bobbin Threadbare's journey in Loom takes him to all kinds of strange places.

It's easy to pick holes in adventure games. Generally speaking, those that came out of LucasArts didn't have any. They were clearly a product of passionate game makers. In addition to their brilliant execution though, their permissive adventures were something that the player could enjoy along with the characters. Not through agency, but through direct experience of their carefully crafted worlds.

Ultimately though, I think their place in our hearts is as much to do with them being brought into our collective consciousness as the first sizeable generation of gamers and game developers were finding their feet. LucasArts adventure games played out alongside us during our formative years and have, as such, stuck with us since.

- Gareth Jenkins, of independent developer 36peas

Sometimes, the words just aren't there for The Secret of Monkey Island's Guybrush Threepwood.

These were not games, they were stories and experiences that were unlike anything players had experienced before. The developers had stories and experiences that they need to create, and they were given a chance to do just that.

- Seth Sivak, of independent developer Proletariat

I think all game developers appreciate clever games, and you can always talk to them about their favorite puzzle in Day of the Tentacle (putting the sweater in the dryer for 400 years to shrink it to hamster size for example).

LucasArts adventure games are a rare breed of game you can return to every few years, not remember all the puzzles, and still have a blast trying to solve them again whilst enjoying the wonderfully goofy characters and their dialogue.

- Grand Davies, Endgame Studios

Monkey Island 2's spitting contest puzzle is among the game's most complicated. Watch the wind!

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