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Inafune: The Hope of the Japanese Industry?
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November 21, 2019
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November 21, 2019
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Inafune: The Hope of the Japanese Industry?

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Is it enabling you to do things that you couldn't do at Capcom?

KI: One of the things that I can do now that I couldn't do at Capcom is I can just jump into some new creative venture that I never could. Like at Capcom, even if I had a really good idea, I had to sit there and pass it by a bunch of approval processes and get the okay from people to move forward. So, it would take six months. Here, I can have some great idea, and the very next day just say, "We're going to do that," and we start doing it. So, just being able to move very quickly behind some of the creative ideas I have is something that is nice to have at the company.

Are you planning to keep the companies small and agile, or do you want to grow, and grow, and grow?

KI: Ultimately, it would be nice to grow the company to be larger than Capcom, but even if I did that, I want to make sure that we'd have some of the key values that we've developed through these small companies, and that is being able to have a speedy decision-making process, along with sharing information effectively between the different companies.

What inspired you to come up with these concepts of how you want to run a company? Is there anything you looked at in other industries or other countries? What is different here than the traditional Japanese game industry?

KI: So, one of the things that makes my business model and my company very unique compared to other traditional Japanese developers and publishers is that Comcept in itself kind of focuses on what we feel is a good concept for a game, and something that's very creative, and something we want to build a brand around, build a game around.

A lot of companies, if you look at them today, they'll be like, "Oh, Okay. How do we monetize? Where's the money to be made? What are we giving the consumers that they want?" They don't really have a creative vision for what to build a game around.

That's one of the things we have that feels very unique. We have this creative concept, and that's what we're going to build our IP around. We're not going to focus it necessarily on the money. That's still going to be an important feature. We're not going to focus it necessarily on what exactly the people want. This is going to be our vision and what we're going to stick to it. And sort of having a company that does that these days is actually quite rare.

King of Pirates

Okay. Why?

KI: The big difference is those companies don't have Keiji Inafune working for them. I'm not running the company. I'll go into a little explanation on that. That is, Comcept, Intercept, all the companies, they work under my umbrella. They understand who I am. They understand the concepts that I've got, right?

So, if you look at other companies, they may have a president, they may have producers and directors, but these guys sometimes don't really understand. In the end, you can't say whose game it was that they made. They're not really unified as a company under a single person's vision.

And these companies are all unified under my vision. Therefore, we're able to be very focused and understand that this is the concept. All the people that work for me understand how to follow and how to iterate and execute on that concept. So, we're just a unified team moving forward versus some people being political, some people pretending to be a producer and not really having a true skill to do it, and not really having a vision, or whatever. We are a unified single unit.

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