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Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A?
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June 14, 2021
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Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A?

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So that's in terms of the UTV equation. Was UTV interested in having cross-media IPs? Because UTV has a lot of film. That's the original basis of the company.

RS: I think, basically, we are a content company. So I would say film is one of them, but so are broadcast channels and television. So in small screen and big screen, our focus is always content, not platform.

And I think, therefore, in games, and especially in console games, definitely the focus is content. Publishing, we consider aggregating, and I think the IPs is the content creation part of it.

Ajay Chadha: And I think we've seen the growth of Ignition. If you consider what we were bringing out last year, instead of what we are bringing out this year, a lot of third party developers are having confidence in what we're capable of doing.

I think we're a really proactive team, and I think we bring a different type of style, as well, to the industry. We complement people's games; we know how to look after the people's IPs. And also, I think I've already said, we're creating our own IP, and we know how to handle content, and we know how to look after our partners.

SB: I think the climate of the games industry right now, in the U.S., for a lot of developers -- you know, publishers are falling, consolidating, getting picked up, so there are good games developers out there who are looking for new venues, new avenues to go.

And they're open to talking to us, even though like two years ago they might not have heard of Ignition. But now, as the quality of our games is picking up, we can talk to more and more people, and I think the quality is going to be going higher and higher.

Ignition Entertainment/SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters XII

That reminds me of something I've been hearing: a lot of people have been talking about, with the consolidations and the scheduled downplays -- you know, Eidos canceling tons of games right before the Square Enix merger, and stuff like that. There's going to be some holes in the schedules -- 18 months out, 24 months out. Is that something that you guys are looking at as a strategy? Getting interesting, big titles in the medium term?

RS: I think our strategy has really been to focus on the games we've been excited about, and with the core team members that we've developed in these three places. I think it would be silly for us to say that the strategy worked out well because now there are holes, because that was not part of our strategy when we greenlit the games. But I think that it has worked better, so it will give us a lot of tailwind when we go forward right now.

AC: I think we're going to see a lot of publishers have been falling downwards at the moment. And I think Ignition is reversed: we're going upwards. You can tell by the titles and the acquisitions that we're doing.

We're a very passionate team. And I think that's key. We are seeing licensors who are looking for new options. When they see the core team, they feel very confident when they meet us. They know that we won't just bring a product, and take it to the market. Our marketing, our PR, the activities that we do are very, very different. As much as we have to do the cookie cutter, we think very much out of the box. And I think that's where people's compliments come in our direction.

SB: Yeah, and a lot of mid-level, and even bigger publishers, they have so many titles in their portfolio that they can't focus on any of them. And they spend all their marketing money on one triple-A game, and everything else gets the shaft.

Because of my background in editorial, I understand that every game is important, and to be able to approach it, you need perspective. Find the press, find the user. And if you treat it with passion, the way that we approach all of these games, I think developers see that, and [know] we'll give their game a better spotlight than some other publishers.

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