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March 4, 2021
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Updates » VRDC
Speaker Q&A: Arno Hartholt discusses the use of Virtual Humans and VR/AR for clinicians  
by Emma Kidwell [09.12.17]
Arno Hartholt is Director for R&D Integration at USC Institute for Creative Technologies and will be at VRDC 2017 to present his talk 'Immersive Medical Care with VR/AR and Virtual Humans'.
VR, Design, VRDC

VRDC Speaker Q&A: Christina Heller discusses the potential of VR as a healthcare tool  
by Emma Kidwell [09.08.17]
Christina Heller will be discussing how leveraging the medium of VR can provide a unique opportunity for patients who experience physical pain and mental tumult of illnesses.
VR, Design, VRDC

Learn how engineers are utilizing VR in their field at VRDC Fall 2017  
by Emma Kidwell [09.06.17]
These panels will discuss cases for applying VR/AR/MR to engineering a product, whether it be a machine, building or pharmaceutical drugs.
VR, Design, VRDC

Come learn about streaming VR experiences at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Emma Kidwell [09.05.17]
This panel will provide insight for VR developers trying to figure out how to bring their content to wider audiences through spectating/live streaming.
VR, Design, VRDC

Learn how to design immersive, interactive environments at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Emma Kidwell [08.31.17]
This panel will discuss the critical importance of creating believable and immersive VR worlds through four unique experience lenses, products and platforms.
VR, Design, VRDC

Learn VR/AR best practices with these sponsored sessions at VRDC Fall 2017  
by Emma Kidwell [08.30.17]
One of the key missions for VRDC is bringing attendees together with industry leaders who have achieved success in the VR/AR/MR industries.
VR, Design, Business/Marketing, VRDC

Learn to develop immersive MR experiences using Microsoft HoloLens at VRDC Fall 2017  
by Emma Kidwell [08.24.17]
At VRDC Fall 2017 next month, Rick Davis of REWIND will discuss how to develop MR experiences using Microsoft HoloLens and deconstruct the creation of branded content through examining 'Flight Deck'.
VR, Design, Production, VRDC

Time's running out to register for VRDC Fall 2017 at the lowest price!  
by Staff [08.22.17]
VRDC organizers want to let you know that the deadline to register early for VRDC Fall 2017 at the lowest possible price ends tomorrow, August 23rd at 11:59 PM Pacific!

Don't miss out on all the great AR talks at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Staff [08.16.17]
Working in augmented reality? Virtual Reality Developers Conference officials highlight some great AR-focused VRDC Fall 2017 talks you should see at the show next month. Register now at a discount!
VR, Smartphone/Tablet, Design, Business/Marketing, VRDC

Hear about the history of VR and where it's headed at VRDC Fall 2017  
by Emma Kidwell [08.15.17]
VR pioneer Tony Parisi will discuss the history of virtual reality and offer insight into why the industry is where it is now, while predicting how the medium will progress as time moves forward.
VR, Design, VRDC

Learn about the value and future of VR/AR standards at VRDC Fall 2017  
by Staff [08.10.17]
At VRDC Fall 2017 next month, OpenXR working group experts from Epic, Google, Sensics and Valve will discuss the state of VR/AR standards and help devs understand how it can benefit their work.
VR, Business/Marketing, VRDC

At VRDC Fall 2017, learn about cutting-edge social VR work and tech  
by Staff [08.09.17]
These talks fulfill one of VRDC's key goals: to give attendees opportunities to learn from experts (from Google to Owlchemy to Facebook) breaking ground on the frontier of VR/AR social experiences. 
VR, Design, VRDC

At VRDC Fall 2017, see how the Rick & Morty VR experience was made!  
by Staff [08.07.17]
Owlchemy Labs' Alex Schwartz and Devin Reimer will break down the successes, failures, and lessons learned during the development of the game, which was recently published by Adult Swim.
VR, Design, Production, VRDC

VRDC Speaker Q&A: John Austin on building MR experiences in the real world  
by Staff [08.04.17]
John Austin (a designer and programmer at A Stranger Gravity) speaks a bit about his work and his VRDC Fall 2017 talk, which will discuss the creation of "grounded" mixed reality experience.
VR, Design, VRDC

PSA: Use the Session Scheduler to optimize your time at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Staff [08.04.17]
VRDC Fall 2017 is happening next month (September 21-22) so now is the perfect time for attendees to hammer out their schedules in order to ensure they make the most of their time at the conference.

VRDC Speaker Q&A: Noah Falstein on how neuroscience can make VR better  
by Staff [08.03.17]
Ahead of his talk at VRDC Fall 2017, game dev vet Noah Falstein shares some information about himself and how neuroscience can help us make better VR titles.

VRDC Speaker Q&A: Serafina Pechan on how to better demo VR experiences  
by Staff [08.02.17]
Alkaline Games cofounder and designer Serafina Pechan discusses her experience with presenting VR demos and touches on some of the things VR devs should know about showcasing their work effectively.
VR, Business/Marketing, VRDC

Learn about innovative ways VR is being used in healthcare at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Staff [08.01.17]
Want to know all the cutting-edge ways VR and AR are being used to help doctors and patients? You should come out to VRDC Fall 2017, which is happening in San Francisco this September!
VR, Serious, VRDC

Today is your last day to register for VRDC Fall 2017 at the lowest price!  
by Staff [07.26.17]
This is important because if you're thinking about attending, you should register now at a discounted rate to save up to $400!
VR, Business/Marketing, VRDC

Learn how to succeed in VR from those who have done it at VRDC Fall 2017!  
by Staff [07.25.17]
From Arizona Shunshine to Raw Data, organizers highlight some expert VRDC Fall 2017 sessions that aim to deliver practical, actionable learnings gleaned from those who have been there and done that.
VR, Production, Business/Marketing, VRDC