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June 12, 2021
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Updates » IGF
Exploring childhood boredom and curiosity in Rainy Season 1
by Joel Couture [06.11.21]
"I was burnt out from school when I started working on Rainy Season. Feeling that my passion for art was slipping away, I was struggling with workaholic symptoms and was obsessed with being productive."
Video, IGF

Tying the Big Bang with a detective story in the visually-striking Genesis Noir  
by Joel Couture [06.07.21]
"Reflecting on the book with a great view of the skyscrapers, trains, & bustle of NYC, the thought of The Big Bang being an urban noir struck me," said Anthony, creative lead for Genesis Noir.
Video, IGF

How IGF finalist Arrog explores death, mourning, and acceptance  
by Joel Couture [06.04.21]
Arrog, which was nominated for Excellence in Visual Art, follows a man through his dreams as he accepts his own death. It's an exploration of finding acceptance in death, aiming to reshape our look at death and mourning.
Video, IGF

'Anything can be a game': The intriguing views within Chasing Light  
by Joel Couture [06.03.21]
"Now is the time to deal with games inclusively. Anything can be a game, and people must be tolerant about it." says Bae Sang Hyun, developer of the Nuovo Award-nominated Chasing Light.
Video, IGF

Playing with light and dark in the ambitious debut, Shady Part of Me  
by Joel Couture [06.01.21]
"We wanted to create an ambiance for the players. Let them feel how the character feels, but not tell them how to feel." says Sarah Hourcade, producer for Shady Part of Me.
Video, IGF

Bringing out players' creativity in the wondrous Chicory: A Colorful Tale  
by Joel Couture [05.26.21]
"People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds enjoy being creative, so it seems only natural to make games which center that activity," says Greg Lobanov, director of Chicory: A Colorful Tale.
Video, IGF

How truth and fiction intertwine in Welcome to Elk's storytelling 1
by Joel Couture [05.20.21]
"There is a true core to all stories on Elk, but only we know what is truth and fiction," says Astrid Refstrup, developer on the IGF Nuovo-nominated game Welcome to Elk.
Video, IGF

Designing for death and difficulty in Disc Room  
by Joel Couture [05.19.21]
"People usually do a lot of dying in games like this, so you might as well make it a part of the core gameplay," says J.W. Nijman, one of the developers behind the Independent Games Festival finalist Disc Room.
Video, IGF

Inside the fantastic murder-mystery design of Paradise Killer  
by Joel Couture [05.17.21]
"I'm not an author. I'm a designer," says Oli Clarke Smith. "I don't get why so many developers want to tell you a story instead of letting you interact with a story."
Video, IGF

Online voting is now open for the IGF and GDCA Audience Awards  
by Staff [05.14.21]
Online voting is now open for the IGF and GDCA Audience Awards. Voting will close on May 24th.
Console/PC, Design, GDC, IGF

IGF 2021 Update: Submissions will open next week  
by Staff [11.30.20]
Submissions for the 23rd annual Independent Games Festival will begin on December 7th.
Console/PC, Design, GDC, IGF

Road to the IGF: Mutiny Games' Forgotten  
by Joel Couture [03.23.20]
Forgotten is a game about being someone afflicted with Alzheimer's, having you experience the challenges and confusion that come with this terrible disease.

Road to the IGF: Megagon Industries' Lonely Mountains: Downhill  
by Joel Couture [03.20.20]
Lonely Mountains: Downhill looks to capture the feeling of finding your own way along a biking hill, seeking the varied routes you can find that will lead you down to the bottom.
Indie, Video, IGF

Road to the IGF: Pixpil's Eastward  
by Joel Couture [03.19.20]
Eastward has players guide a miner and mysterious girl through a broken world, meeting quirky new friends as they seek answers about the girl's identity.
Indie, Video, IGF

Road to the IGF: No Code's Observation  
by Joel Couture [03.19.20]
Observation casts players as a ship's AI, helping a distressed member of the crew survive while also dealing with your own newly-growing consciousness.
Indie, Video, IGF

A Short Hike wins Grand Prize at the 2020 Independent Games Festival! 2
by Staff [03.18.20]
Adam Robinson-Yu’s A Short Hike won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game at the 22nd annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards tonight!
Indie, Business/Marketing, GDC, IGF

Road to the IGF: Goblin Rage's BORE DOME  
by Joel Couture [03.18.20]
BORE DOME is a game of the dull, tedious, awkward moments in our lives, asking players to examine and reflect on the less-than-amazing things that happen to us all.
Indie, Video, IGF

Road to the IGF: Nyamyam's Astrologaster  
by Joel Couture [03.18.20]
Astrologaster takes players back to Renaissance London to have them practice medicien using astrology, seeking answers to your patients' problems in the stars.
Indie, Video, IGF

Road to the IGF: Foam Sword's Knights and Bikes  
by Joel Couture [03.17.20]
Knights and Bikes follows a pair of young girls on wild, imagined adventures throughout their seaside home town, petting geese, throwing frisbees, and overcoming evil together.
Indie, Video, IGF

Road to the IGF: Barnaque's Infini  
by Joel Couture [03.17.20]
Infini explores the interactions of personified concepts like hope, time, and technology as players work their way through looping puzzles built around infinity.
Indie, Video, IGF