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May 20, 2022
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Updates » GDC Online
GDC Online: Making Puzzles And Writing Work Together Exclusive 6
by Leigh Alexander [10.05.10]
Singapore MIT GAMBIT Game Lab's Clara Fernandez-Vara says puzzles are a key component in integrating story and game design -- and at GDC Online, she illuminates the key "player contract", and important dos and don'ts.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive, Design

GDC Online: Research Finds Glasses, Misinformation Biggest Challenges For 3D Exclusive 21
by Leigh Alexander [10.05.10]
At GDC Online, research firm Interpret presented 3D technology research -- and found that not only are audiences price-resistant and glasses-averse, but they're also plain wrong about a lot of 3D facts.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

GDC Austin 2009 Hosts 2650 Attendees, Announces 2010 Return  
by Chris Remo [09.24.09]
Game Developers Conference Austin organizers have said that the show "exceeded expectations" with its 2,650 confirmed attendees, and formally announced that GDC Austin will return next October 5th to 8th.
Console/PC, GDC Online

GDC Austin 2009: The Full Coverage Exclusive  
by Staff [09.21.09]
With GDC Austin 2009 complete, Gamasutra has collected its extensive coverage of the show, including session writeups and interviews drawn from the main conference as well as its iPhone, Indie, Audio, and Writers summits.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

GDC Austin: Thinking Inside The Box -- Writing For Franchises Exclusive  
by Staff [09.17.09]
Adding onto a game world that fans already love, without adulterating it, is a complex task. In an essential GDC Austin talk, Jay Posey of Red Storm Entertainment (known for the Tom Clancy games) offers advice.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

GDC Austin: Swink, Wegner On Blurst's Rapid Prototyping Madness 2
by Simon Carless [09.16.09]
At the Independent Games Summit on Austin in Wednesday, Flashbang's Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink explained how their rapid prototyping of web games like Off-Road Velociraptor Safari gave them larger life lessons.
Console/PC, Indie, GDC Online

GDC Austin: Free Realms And The Attention Span Challenge Exclusive 2
by Kris Graft [09.16.09]
Sony Online Entertainment is now moving from the hardcore to the kid market. President John Smedley revealed a PS3 Free Realms debut in 2010, and admitted that "making games for kids is hard" in his GDC Austin keynote.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

How Do You Kickstart The Virtual Worlds Movement? Exclusive  
by Christian Nutt [09.26.08]
The phrase 'virtual worlds' currently spans a multitude of products, from Second Life through Club Penguin and beyond -- but as Gamasutra found out at AGDC, representatives from companies such as Intel, Samsung, and The Electric Sheep Company are trying t
Console/PC, Serious, GDC Online, Exclusive

The State Of The MMO: Pinpointing Your Target  
by Christian Nutt [09.24.08]
With the MMO industry striding forward but also curiously in flux, Gamasutra was at a panel at last week's AGDC which featured Turbine, Funcom, CCP, and Nexon execs discussing exactly what today's online game user is looking for, and how to give it to the
Console/PC, GDC Online

Arkane's Smith On Industry Problems, Future Hopes Exclusive  
by Brandon Sheffield [09.23.08]
Arkane's Harvey Smith is noted for his work on games such as Deus Ex, and he spoke at last week's Austin GDC about the "deep problems" inherent in the game industry, but amazing opportunities -- such as the iPhone or social gaming -- for up-and-com
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

Id Software's Willits: Rage Mods May Not Be Possible Exclusive 8
by Christian Nutt [09.17.08]
Talking at AGDC, Rage creative director Tim Willits says that it might turn out to be very difficult, if not impossible, to mod the title -- even on the PC platform -- but that the issue's still under consideration at id Software, which continues t
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

AGDC: Storytelling at id Software: The Experience Matters 6
by Christian Nutt [09.17.08]
Though id Software isn't really known for story-based games, creative director Tim Willits (Rage) urged developers to change the way they look at stories to emphasize just what's important to players -- and offered a few new tidbits of information
Console/PC, GDC Online

AGDC: Nexon's Kim On The North American Free To Play Business Exclusive 1
by Brandon Sheffield [09.17.08]
At AGDC on Tuesday, Nexon's Min Kim discussed the free-to-play online game model pioneered by his company in Korea, revealing U.S. revenues of almost $30 million in 2007 for their MapleStory-including slate of products -- details within.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

Austin GDC: The Best Of Tuesday's Coverage  
by Simon Carless [09.17.08]
Gamasutra is at Austin GDC 2008 this week, and we've compiled the best of our industry-leading coverage of the major MMO, virtual world, and game writing lectures presented since Tuesday -- click through for the full round-up.
Console/PC, GDC Online

AGDC: Advanced Storytelling Techniques in Tomb Raider: Underworld And Beyond 6
by Christian Nutt [09.16.08]
Eric Lindstrom, creative director of Tomb Raider: Underworld at Crystal Dynamics, delivered an impassioned and even frustrated presentation about the need for more nuanced storytelling techniques and roles within the development team, to create sa
Console/PC, GDC Online

AGDC: Sterling Keynote: A Creative Call To Arms 9
by Christian Nutt [09.16.08]
Futurist and author Bruce Sterling delivered the Tuesday keynote speech at Austin GDC -- a dual message of the way improved technology will change games and how stagnation in the creative side of the industry will hamper their evolution.
Console/PC, GDC Online

AGDC: Jim Lee On Translating Comic Book Designs To A 3D Game Exclusive  
by Brandon Sheffield [09.16.08]
Speaking in an Austin GDC panel on the art of upcoming Sony Online Entertainment MMO DC Universe Online, comic artist Jim Lee shares some insights on translating 2D characters and designs from comic books to fit an online 3D game's style and needs.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

AGDC: Property Rights In Online Games - Who Owns What? Exclusive 3
by Brandon Sheffield [09.16.08]
In an AGDC panel, Raph Koster from Areae, Scott Hartsman of Ohai, game lawyer S. Gregory Boyd, author Erin Hoffman, and moderator Erik Bethke of GoPets discuss how to improve the end-user license agreement for all, with fascinating results.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Exclusive

Austin GDC: The Best Of Monday's Coverage 1
by Staff [09.16.08]
Gamasutra is at Austin GDC 2008 this week, and we've compiled the best of our industry-leading coverage of the major MMO, virtual world writing and audio lectures presented thus far - click through for the full round-up.
Console/PC, GDC Online

AGDC: A Generative, Adaptive Music System for MMO Games 2
by Christian Nutt [09.16.08]
John Romero-headed MMO developer Slipgate Ironworks has developed a robust system for its Spore-like adaptive music score, which audio director Kurt Larson considers the only viable way to move forward with MMO soundtracks -- details within.
Console/PC, GDC Online, Audio