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August 13, 2020
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Features » Smartphone/Tablet
Fighting The Friction: An Overview Of The Android Market For Game Developers 7
by Andrew Webster [05.26.11]
Unlike the iOS platform, whose App Store is the only legitimate way to get commercially-released games into the hands of players, Google's Android platform allows for many different options -- and in this article, Gamasutra explores several of them to find out just what developers should know before selecting one.
Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet

Smartphone Piracy: 'Life's Too Short To Worry About It' 9
by Array [05.18.11]
While console providers and publishers are mum about the next generation of piracy prevention as implemented in the Sony NGP and Nintendo 3DS, smartphone developers share their best strategies to combat the scourge.
Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet

The Necessity Of Making Free-to-Play Moves 11
by Array [04.20.11]
Will the emergence of microtransactions and rapid updates inevitably force changes in the console and traditional handheld game space? Three well-informed perspectives on the topic seem to point to "yes", as Gamasutra investigates.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Infinity Blade: A New Era Of Games 9
by Christian Nutt [04.11.11]
In this in-depth interview, Chair Entertainment heads Donald and Geremy Mustard discuss the inspiration and success of Infinity Blade, the team's first iOS title, what they've learned from it, and what it means for the future of their development process and even games at large.
Design, Interview, Smartphone/Tablet

A Guide To iOS Twin Stick Shooter Usability 18
by Graham McAllister [03.30.11]
Working on a twin stick shooter for iOS? This article goes in-depth into the right techniques for honing this difficult-to-get-right control-scheme on Apple's touch-only devices, and examines many popular games' approaches.
Design, Smartphone/Tablet

Inciting The Mobile Revolution  
by Christian Nutt [03.24.11]
Ngmoco CEO Neil Young discusses his grand vision for the future of mobile gaming, a move he feels Ngmoco, bolstered by its November 2010 acquisition by Japanese giant DeNA, is poised to not just capitalize on but shape.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Smartphone/Tablet

Postmortem: Bane Games' Flick Buddies 19
by Alistair Doulin [03.08.11]
Brisbane-based Bane Games recounts the process of going indie, developing their first iOS title, Flick Buddies -- and learning important lessons about timing.
Design, Postmortem, Production, Art, Mobile Phone, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Global Video Games Investment: China, Online, Mobile Ascendent 3
by Tim Merel [02.22.11]
Tim Merel, managing director of investment bank Digi-Capital, takes a look at the present and future state of the market and makes predictions about the direction and size of the global video game market between now and the near future -- information that could guide your company.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Five Minutes Of... Sword & Poker 3
by Margaret Robertson [02.15.11]
In the latest installment of her column on the best moments of games, Hide&Seek development director Margaret Robertson takes a look at an obscure iPhone game, Sword & Poker, and springboards into a discussion of how games interact with time.
Design, Smartphone/Tablet

Marketing On The App Store: The Cautionary Tale Of 100 Rogues 21
by Keith Burgun [02.03.11]
When an iPhone project begins in 2008 and launches in 2010, that's a huge challenge -- and 100 Rogues developer Keith Burgun here describes the bumps in the road that the well-liked, high-quality game has hit on its long slow journey towards release and profitability.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet