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July 2, 2020
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Features » Programming
Messing with Tangent Space 6
by Siddharth Hegde [07.16.07]
What is tangent space, and more important, what is its relevance to game design? In this in-depth feature, FXLabs programmer Siddharth Hegde discusses both tangent space and its practical uses, and why it is such an important consideration in many of today’s pixel shaders.

Where's the Wiimote? Using Kalman Filtering To Extract Accelerometer Data 2
by Bertis Rasco [06.20.07]
How can game developers make the Wii Remote more accurate for their game, using just software? Veteran developer Rasco discusses the use of Kalman Filtering equations, more often used in airplane navigation systems, to improve the output of the Wii remote's accelerometer.

Propagation of Visual Entity Properties Under Bandwidth Constraints 1
by Olivier Cado [05.24.07]
How does an MMO move its player characters naturally, despite the problem of lag and bandwidth constraints when interacting? Cado, who worked on MMO Saga Of Ryzom, explains some of the techniques he used to make real-time interaction seem as smooth as silk.
Programming, Production

The Circle of Life: An Analysis of the Game Product Lifecycle  
by Daniel Cook [05.15.07]
In his debut feature for Gamasutra, Lost Garden blogger and industry veteran Daniel Cook analyzes just how "...understanding the genre lifecycle trends can help you strategically position your game design for an improved shot at success", with many concrete examples.
Design, Programming

Fast File Loading (Pt. 2)  
by Jesus de Santos Garcia [05.03.07]
Following on from his first feature on the subject, Pyro Studios tech lead Jesus de Santos Garcia discusses how to organize game code so that data will be loaded as swiftly as possible.

Halo Science 101 1
by Kevin Grazier [05.02.07]
In an article from the new 'Halo Effect' book, Battlestar Galactica science advisor Kevin R. Grazier takes a look at the hard science behind Bungie's Halo series, calculating the reality of surviving and fighting on a planet-sized spinning metal ring.
Design, Programming, Book Excerpts

Fast File Loading (Pt. 1)  
by Jesus de Santos Garcia [04.19.07]
In the first of a two-part feature, Pyro Studios tech lead Jesus de Santos Garcia presents a guide for loading streaming data quickly off of media, such as a computer's hard drive.

Skinned Mesh Export: Optimization  
by Ferns Paanakker [04.18.07]
Veteran coder Paanakker discusses a more efficient way to export game character models in order to achieve maximum hardware performance, with full source code of an optimization utility included.

Nintendo's Pipelines: An Interview with Nintendo Software Engineer Takeshi Shimada 3
by Brandon Sheffield [04.13.07]
Nintendo software engineer Takeshi Shimada gives an uncommonly forthcoming and open interview about Nintendo's tool development, history, and use of outside middleware in this exclusive Gamasutra feature.

Reflections On Building Three Scripting Languages 1
by bruce wilcox [04.12.07]
Programming veteran Bruce Wilcox discusses his experience building game scripting languages for 3DO, Radical Entertainment, and LimeLife, weighing in on whether to 'Build, Buy, or API', in this in-depth technical article.