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April 6, 2020
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Features » Programming
Building a Mindset for Rapid Iteration Part 2: Some Patterns to Follow and Pitfalls to Avoid 2
by David Gregory [05.15.08]
Following his initial take, EA veteran and Emergent VP Gregory completes his look at rapid iteration by examining methods for seeing asset change swiftly in your games.
Design, Programming

Persuasive Games: Texture 9
by Ian Bogost [05.07.08]
Author/designer Ian Bogost (Fatworld) looks at 'texture' in games - the art of connecting the virtual to the real via rumble and physical simulation, from Hard Drivin' to Rez and beyond.
Design, Programming, PC, Console/PC

Carry Small, Game Large: Big Shared Screen Multiplayer Gaming 10
by Scott Crabtree, Omar Rodriguez, Brad Werth, Erik J. Johnson [05.06.08]
This technical article presents an intriguing 'shared gaming' concept, using a Java/Flash framework to allow mobile Internet devices to control a big-screen game with participants in the same location - details, source code within.
Design, Programming

Building a Mindset for Rapid Iteration Part 1: The Problem 10
by David Gregory [05.01.08]
In this analytical article, EA veteran and Emergent VP Gregory looks at the problems of iterating game concepts and assets with a large team, suggesting possible roadblocks and solutions.
Design, Programming

Games Demystified: Super Mario Galaxy 11
by Jeremy Alessi [03.27.08]
Want to see how Mario Galaxy created its unique gravity-based physics effects for the in-game planets? Developer Alessi analyzes and reproduces the same concepts with a playable game prototype and source code.
Design, Programming, Console/PC

Resolve Your Resolves  
by Holger Gruen, Jon Story [03.26.08]
In this in-depth technical article, Gruen & Story examine anti-aliasing in games, explaining how you can reduce 'jaggies' in your PC title, and save frame-rate, by using many less post-processing passes.
Design, Programming, Art, PC, Console/PC

Interview: The Making Of Dwarf Fortress 5
by John Harris [02.27.08]
Cult indie hit Dwarf Fortress is ASCII-based, but takes dynamic world and character generation to an level unprecedented in the history of video games - Gamasutra talks in-depth to co-creator Tarn Adams about the title.
Design, Programming, Interview

Producers Of The Roundtable: Getting Coders and Artists to Communicate 3
by Juuso Hietalahti [12.26.07]
In this new roundtable interview, conducted in association with, producers from developers including EALA, Bizarre Creations, and Gas Powered Games discuss the best practical ways to get programmers and artists working smoothly together.
Design, Programming, Production, Art, Interview

Physics in Games: A New Gameplay Frontier 3
by Pascal Luban [12.04.07]
How can physics make a genuine difference to gameplay in today's AAA games, beyond the novelty? Veteran designer Luban (Splinter Cell series) discusses his work on physics-enhanced Unreal Tournament 3 mods and general principles of design that are enhanced by physics elements.
Design, Programming

A High Performance, Low Level String Library 1
by Joe Linhoff [08.15.07]
Tools, game engines, and games can benefit from safe, fast handling of strings, and in this Gamasutra technical feature, veteran game coder Joe Linhoff explains and makes available a new, low-level library to avoid issues created by standard C string functions.