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July 2, 2020
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Features » Programming
Sponsored Feature: Join Forces and Get an Edge: Intel Calls All Game Companies as Partners  
by Intel Visual Adrenaline Team [10.22.08]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, the company explains the benefits of the Intel Software Partner Program, a free program for game companies which includes development help, tools, and computer discounts.
Business/Marketing, Programming

Debugging Memory Corruption in Game Development 9
by Mick West [10.16.08]
In an in-depth technical article, Neversoft co-founder Mick West discusses memory corruption in games, pinpointing the symptoms, causes, and solutions for many game glitches and crashes.

Sponsored Feature: XNA Game Quality: The Certification Story 11
by Nick Bodenham, Andrew Donnelly, Michael Steer [10.10.08]
In the latest Microsoft-sponsored article, part of the Gamasutra XNA microsite, Microsoft's Nick Bodenham, Andrew Donnelly, and Michael Steer lay out the processes that go into certifying Xbox 360 and Games for Windows releases.
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, XNA

Sponsored Feature: Unlocking Processing Potential: Randi Rost On CPU-Based Graphics Architecture  
by Chryste Sullivan [10.08.08]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, Randi Rost, Intel's External Relations Manager, Graphics, talks at length of higher education and new graphics architectures.
Programming, Interview, Visual Computing

Procedural Spooling In Games 6
by Mick West [10.02.08]
In this in-depth technical article, Neversoft co-founder West examines how procedural generated content and compression can lead to expanding vistas for your open-world games
Programming, Game Developer Magazine, Visual Computing

Postmortem: Brothers in Arms: Double Time 3
by Kurt Reiner, Kristin Price [09.30.08]
In this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, developer Demiurge discusses the ups and downs of bringing the Brothers In Arms WWII combat franchise to Nintendo's console for the first time.
Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Console/PC, North America

Making Your Game Tools Fast And Efficient 5
by Noor Khawaja [09.25.08]
In this technical article, Cinemaware and EA veteran Khawaja looks at the UI and flow for game tools, suggesting practical tips to make your own internal tools and scripts easier to succeed with.
Design, Programming

Sponsored Feature: A Landmark in Image Processing: DMIP  
by Lee Purcell [09.24.08]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Gamasutra Visual Computing microsite, Lightspeed Publishing's Lee Purcell lays out deferred mode image processing, which speeds up complex image-processing tasks with up to 3X performance increases.
Programming, Visual Computing

Persuasive Games: Video Game Snapshots 5
by Ian Bogost [09.11.08]
The invention of Kodak's Brownie made photography accessible to everyone, and Ian Bogost asks whether the era of user-generated content opens doors for games as 'snapshots.'
Design, Programming, Social/Online

Sponsored Feature: Multi-Threading Goo!: A Programmer’s Diary 13
by Tommy Refenes [09.10.08]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Gamasutra Visual Computing microsite, Goo! developer Tommy Refenes of PillowFort matches wits with multi-threading in four gripping acts -- and emerges victorious.
Programming, Visual Computing