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Persuasive Games: Performative Play 3
by Ian Bogost [06.25.08]
Most games let you change things on screen. But how about the real world? Writer/designer Ian Bogost looks at Pain Station, World Without Oil and an RPG piggy bank to explore games that affect our everyday lives directly.
Design, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Phone

A Path To Western Online Games Success In Asia 3
by Tim Allison [06.24.08]
How do you take a Western MMO and bring it to the Asian market? Consultant Tim Allison, who works on titles such as Pirates Of The Burning Sea for Asia, looks at some of the positives and pitfalls of making your game work for the East.
Business/Marketing, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console, North America, Europe & Russia, Asia & India, Social/Online

Life In Vegas: Surreal's Alan Patmore On Open World Innovation 2
by Christian Nutt [06.23.08]
Surreal's open-world title This Is Vegas is a vital game for publisher Midway - and studio head Alan Patmore talks in-depth to Gamasutra on code sharing and the art of designing sandbox games.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, North America

PopCap: The Complexity Of Being Casual 4
by Brandon Sheffield [06.20.08]
PopCap's titles like Bejeweled and Peggle make them the top casual brand - here, Gamasutra talks co-founder John Vechey and CEO David Roberts about XBLA, iPhone, and an upcoming "cool collaboration" with a top console developer.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Phone, Mobile Console, North America

Piracy in Korea: R4 Triumphant 27
by Staff [06.19.08]
Game piracy may be somewhat stymied in the West, but not so worldwide - in this case study, Seoul-based Rumas examines the cultural and practical issues behind Nintendo DS piracy in Korea.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Mobile Console, Asia & India

Three Services, Three Stores: Analyzing XBLA, PSN and Wii Shop Channel  
by Matt Matthews [06.17.08]
Has there really been a slowdown in digital distribution for the major game consoles? In this in-depth analysis covering WiiWare, PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade, Gamasutra crunches the numbers to discover some surprising trends - graphs galore within.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC

Staying In Tune: Richard Jacques On Game Music's Past, Present, And Future 2
by Brandon Sheffield [06.16.08]
Richard Jacques is a musical icon to Sega die-hards, thanks to his work on titles like Sonic R - and in a wide-ranging chat, the composer (The Club, Mass Effect) discusses the state of game music in 2008.
Audio, Interview, Console/PC

Catching Up With Gearbox's Randy Pitchford  
by Christian Nutt [06.13.08]
Texas-based Gearbox both owns the Brothers In Arms WWII franchise, and is diversifying swiftly into areas from Samba De Amigo for Wii to an Aliens FPS - Gamasutra talks in-depth to president Randy Pitchford on challenges, successes.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America

Combating Child Obesity: Helping Kids Feel Better by Doing What They Love 23
by Garth DeAngelis [06.10.08]
Can you create a deep, story-based title that also functions as an exergame? DeAngelis looks at the history of exercise gaming and explains how his CMU university project Winds Of Orbis tries to twin the RPG and exercising for kids.
Design, PC, Console/PC, Serious, North America

The Impact of Activision Blizzard 1
by Mathew Kumar [06.09.08]
With the giant Activision-Vivendi Games merger, announced in late 2007, still wending its way to completion, Gamasutra talks to lawyer Tom Buscaglia, journalist Michael Zenke and analyst Michael Pachter on soon to be felt ramifications.
Business/Marketing, Design, PC, Console/PC, North America