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October 19, 2020
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Free-to-Play: The Lost Generation 78
by Array [12.04.12]
Is the free-to-play push hurting games and gamers? Experienced smartphone developer Jeremy Alessi investigates whether the business model has done harm to the art of game development, and where that leaves us.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online

The Mobile Transition: Why Facebook Developers Are Making the Shift 1
by Christian Nutt [12.03.12]
As companies like and Wooga are finding that their chart-topping Facebook games become smash successes on iOS, Gamasutra talks to them, and to Facebook, about how this shift from PCs to tablets and smartphones is shaking out.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

From Torment to Eternity: Chris Avellone on RPGs 14
by Saul Alexander [11.30.12]
Obsidian creative director Chris Avellone talks to Gamasutra about the tension between player stories and written narrative, how players are resurrecting the past via Kickstarter, and what Project Eternity will be.
Design, Interview

Endless Space: When Triple-A Developers Go Indie 8
by Jeff Spock [11.29.12]
The story of how a studio formed by ex-Ubisoft developers decided to take on a niche genre -- 4X strategy games -- and see if it can make its fortunes by listening to its community, including details about the composition of the team, the budget, and more.
Business/Marketing, Indie

Postmortem: McMillen and Himsl's The Binding of Isaac 26
by Edmund McMillen [11.28.12]
How did a game destined for failure become a cult smash? Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) discusses how he added religion to The Legend of Zelda, mixed it with a roguelike, and came out with a surprise hit.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Production, Art, Indie

Persuasive Games: Wii Can't Go On, Wii'll Go On 53
by Ian Bogost [11.27.12]
What is Nintendo really attempting to do with the Wii U? Ian Bogost, in the latest installment of Persuasive Games, searches for the meaning behind the dual-screen play of Nintendo's freshly-released console.

Games from the Trash: The History of the TRS-80 29
by Dale Dobson [11.26.12]
Radio Shack's first computer was an underpowered but accessible and affordable unit -- and as with nearly any platform, quickly became home to games. In this retrospective, Gamasutra pays homage to a system beloved by many but mostly forgotten by everyone else.
Business/Marketing, Design

Hey Baby, Do You Dyad? A Letter Series 4
by Leigh Alexander, Quintin Smith [11.22.12]
Girl Game Critic, ambivalent about Dyad, meets Boy Game Critic, Dyad fan. What follows is their exchange of letters on the game, probably containing some insight on how people evaluate, understand and interpret games in the context of real life.

Waterfall Game Development Done Right 21
by Eric Preisz [11.21.12]
When can Waterfall development work? And is Microsoft Project really useful? GarageGames CEO Eric Preisz tackles the question of when you should leave Agile to the side and go Waterfall -- and explains exactly how his company does it.
Business/Marketing, Production

How Can Gameplay Allow Players to Get Creative? 22
by Eddy Lja-Six [11.20.12]
How can creativity be brought into games -- is it even possible? Designer Eddy Lja-Six examines the nature of both creativity and games to get to the bottom of the question: which games allow for creativity, and how do they encourage it?