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October 22, 2020
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Postmortem: Q-Games' Pixeljunk 4am 6
by Rowan Parker [04.03.13]
The postmortem of the IGF-nominated interactive music title for PlayStation Network which was originally printed in Game Developer magazine -- complete with new up-to-date commentary from the game's developers.
Audio, Design, Postmortem, Production, Indie

ANGELINA: The Computer Program that Designs Games 37
by Joe Martin [04.01.13]
Michael Cook of London Imperial's Computational Creativity Group has created an AI that can design its own games. As the tech forges ahead at a phenomenal pace, Joe Martin queries the underlying philosophy of it all.

The Old Guard: An Interview with Tim Sweeney 17
by Brandon Sheffield [03.22.13]
Sometimes we reach greatness by standing on the shoulders of giants -- and anyone who has ever made a game with the Unreal Engine knows that Tim Sweeney is just such a behemoth. In this interview he folds forth on the present and future of 3D engines for high-powered games.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

Developing Meaningful Player Character Arcs in Branching Narrative 17
by Alexander M. Freed [03.21.13]
Can you deliver both choice and a character art that has depth and meaning in the same game? Alexander M. Freed, formerly of BioWare, explores the possibility space, drawing from examples from existing games and adding in his own ideas.

Sponsored Feature: YEBIS 2 Middleware to Power Next-Gen Games Worldwide 1
by Silicon Studio [03.20.13]
Silicon Studio's YEBIS 2 remains the only middleware with physically based optics simulation that can provide post processing effects that take graphics to a whole new level of realism for current- and next-generation games on PC, console, handheld, mobile, or online platforms.
Sponsored Feature

Level Design in a Day: Your Questions, Answered 7
by Coray Seifert [03.19.13]
In the run-up to the popular GDC session -- which runs on Tuesday, March 26 -- Gamasutra collected questions from its community, which many of the participants answer here in roundtable format, including level designers from Epic, Bethesda, and Visceral Games.

Game Developer Quality-of-Life Survey 6
by Patrick Miller, Brad Bulkley [03.18.13]
What about the long hours, frequent layoffs, and crunch phases the game industry is notorious for? Are you confident in your current project? Do you want to be in this industry five years from now? Read on to find out how your colleagues responded.

Winds of Change: Ben Cousins on Today and the Future 18
by Brandon Sheffield [03.15.13]
The big publishers are in danger, the console market is in decline, and the tablet is an ascending game platform -- the evidence is all around you, but infrequently is it presented with such clarity as by Ngmoco's Ben Cousins, studio head of Scattered Entertainment, in this interview.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Roundtable: The Interactive Fiction Renaissance 5
by Leigh Alexander [03.14.13]
Interactive Fiction is becoming en vogue thanks to the proliferation of both games and digital reading devices, such as tablets and e-readers. Game Developer magazine speaks to some of the form's leading lights to get a bead on the best tools and the best work being done -- and why the form is as vital as any other in games.
Design, Interview, Indie

The Language of Monetization Design 20
by Ramin Shokrizade [03.13.13]
Without fully understanding the meaning of terms like "microtransaction" and "pay-to-win," argues monetization design consultant Ramin Shokrizade, you don't have a basis for implementing these models -- and in this paper, he proposes a basic lexicon.
Design, Social/Online