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December 9, 2018
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This week's surprisingly video-heavy highlights include a great mini-doc about the history of the Punch-Out franchise, a review (& compendium of reviews) for the latest acclaimed Smash Bros. game, & a multitude of other neatness.

Posted by Jason Della Rocca on 12/06/18 09:54:00 am in Business/Marketing, Production
Your funding is not a problem to solve, it is an opportunity to generate success. Just be mindful of the ideal timing of the different sources of project financing and you’ll have a much greater chance of pulling it off.

Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I share with other Rioters, including Riot’s senior leadership. This edition is the public version that I publish broadly every week as well. Opinions are mine.

Posted by Terry Cavanagh on 12/05/18 09:25:00 am in Design, Programming, Indie
A detailed write up how the new Enemy AI works in my game, Dicey Dungeons! I tried to write it in a "popular science" style that's hopefully of interest to everyone, not just programmers.

Posted by Tommy Thompson on 12/03/18 10:16:00 am in Design, Programming, Production, Console/PC
How Massive diversified enemy encounters with five factions and 36 unique enemy character types.

Posted by Lars Doucet on 12/03/18 08:50:00 am in Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC
A deep dive into Artifact's economy using the "four currencies" model, plus a fifth -- Skill!

Posted by Artem Korovkin on 12/06/18 06:16:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie
Black Tower is an aspiring indie publisher that pays special attention to games with RPG and RTS elements. We’ve originated on the basis of Dark Crystal Games studio, which is currently developing a post-apocalyptic RPG Encased.

Posted by Andrew Heikkila on 12/06/18 06:16:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Social/Online
In gaming, local tournaments and College eSports leagues are producing interest in their own spheres of geographic influence. Will eSports and connection to geographic area grow despite international proliferation in connectivity?

Posted by Caleb Compton on 12/06/18 10:02:00 am in Design, Art, Console/PC, Serious, Indie, VR
Games these days keep getting bigger, with larger open worlds, and more characters, quests and items than ever before. However, even with so much to do the worlds can feel empty. Environmental storytelling is one way to add depth and life to your game.

Posted by Nick Guilliams on 12/06/18 10:01:00 am in Production, Indie
The overarching lesson that helped me understand how to be a better producer and team leader.

A look at player motivations and how they are helping Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The games only saving grace.

Posted by Nick Guilliams on 12/06/18 10:01:00 am in Production
Project Management tools' purpose and goal versus their utility.