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May 9, 2021
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Berke Erem's Blog


Berke Erem "Berem" is an award-winning experience and product designer with a strong background in digital entertainment disciplines such as electronics engineering, computer sciences, 3D modelling & animation.


He journeyed into video games after an accomplished career in the tech industry where he was the director of strategic management of a large company. His decision to go all in came after the game Freakyard won the 2nd place amongst many in Spooktober Game Jam 2020.


Berke founded Fobula Games, a studio favoring remote creative teams for crafting emotional experiences together with a global community. He has a particular interest in game design.


Before venturing into video games, he was a veteran manager and has been part of many multi-disciplinary teams. His responsibilities included:

  • Complete strategic management of a 350+ people tech company
  • Management of a software division and design of the software
  • Planning, implementing and execution of Agile Scrum for many departments including R&D, development, sales, marketing, production, QA, customer support and supply chain.


An engineer and a designer, he started sending spaceship plans to NASA when he was 7 years old. He got some replies but he’s unsure if any of his designs made their way into the final frontier. Favoring the undiscovered worlds, he also loves exploring our beautiful planet Earth. His travels ranges from safaris to live-aboard scuba diving trips. Berke has a fascination for Asian cultures above all. He has a passion for orchestral music, ranging from big band jazz to movie/game scores which he calls "the modern classics" due to their orchestral sophistication and instrumental nature. He plays the saxophone, the clarinet and the guitar. He happily records all audio for the games himself. He does scuba diving and in fact he was one of the youngest people to ever get the certificate. Berke has a love for living and growing things as well. He tends to his own vegetable garden and he is the proud father of a parrot and a dog. His choice of traveling around is within a sailboat but when that’s not an option a bicycle does the trick.


Well, games... Berke remembers playing board and console games from age 6. He gathered all his friends and they played D&D for days and nights. Then came Magic: The Gathering and finally the Super Nintendo console. He has many childhood photos, hypnotically staring at the screen while holding a remote. His favorite games involves problem solving and adventure. He enjoys all the popular console games but ultimately, he is a heavy PC gamer.


Member Blogs

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Berke Erem's Comments

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Which part do you think ...

Which part do you think looks the most complicated

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Thank you kindly. ...

Thank you kindly.