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February 25, 2021
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Roguelike "Saikyou" | Update 0.10.2 Devlog

by Deniz Cakmaz on 12/18/20 10:18:00 am

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Meet the new miniboss "Big Wolf".

Yes! The name is super creative. I know. You're probably like "holy cow, how did you get to that name".

Anyways, big wolf is only appearing once in a run (if he appears, it's around a 50% chance).
After spawning he will walk to the closest wall. There he will spawn wolves and wait for them to be ready to charge at you.
Once they are, he howls. They are wolves. If one howls they all have to howl. That's simple first grade astrophysics. After howling, the small ones charge at you, followed by the big wolf. Their velocity is buffed by him, so be careful. They fast as hell!

The big wolf is nothing huge (other than his size). Just a simple and cool miniboss. Easy to understand but still a big threat. Im excited to see how you guys do against him! I want the boss to be more complex as a contrasting piece.


Most stuff this week was "hidden" stuff.

Meaning I do it so the project can proceed. Future things will be easier to do and have a lower chance to cause bugs. But YOU will see no difference in the game at all. Let me mention them briefly.

First I updated the Knock back code. It was really old and bad. Data was scattered all over the place, removing or adding an enum value was catastrophic. The amount of work for that ... just terrible. We fixed it. So now we good.
I also worked over collision code. Really happy to finally have done that. In the last months I stopped going over code. I accept that I can fix potential bugs, but don't need to double check for them before they appear anymore. We are just in that part of the development, in which the code is solid enough to no longer double check.

Next I created a system to spawn enemies in the middle of combat for the miniboss and the boss. Yes the boss will spawn shit! Spawned enemies can be marked as "hollow". Meaning they don't give gold. They do give you hype though. So you cant farm the miniboss wolves that he keeps spawning.


Next a bunch of small good stuff

Tatsumaki is a move that makes you invincible during it. It used to negate knock backs. So you would just stand in place if you get attacked during it. That mechanic made miniboss a lot easier than intended. Same with the boss. So now you get knocked back during the tatsumaki. No more cheesing the boss!

Then some juice stuff. The projectiles of the shotgun enemy, which we added last week, are now slowing down over time. Looks cooler. Feels better.
ALSO you can now reflect all his projectiles back at him! It used to be that the reflected projectile would get destroyed by his other projectiles, in the same frame it was created AND in the same frame the other projectiles would also be reflected. I think. Idk. To be honest I just fixed it, and didn't try to fully understand the problem. Less energy used, more more important stuff done.

Like working over the Hype. It goes down when being hit. That's nothing new. But now the amount it goes down, depends on the base damage the enemy deals. Meaning if the enemy deals 10 damage, it goes down by 10. If an item would decrease or increase the damage, the hype would still go down by 10. This way being attacked by 2 wolves and almost taking no damage, will not get your hype down all the way.

I almost forgot, I finally switched out the broken item. Items will be completely reworked in about 3 weeks. For now the broken one is switched with an item that gives you 50% more damage.


That's all folks!

This update focused on the miniboss. Next update will be all about the boss!!! Im super excited about that, and got a lot planned. Lets hope I can do all that in a week!

Thank you for your time and have a good day everyone!

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