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February 25, 2021
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Obstacles | Roguelike Devlog #11 "The Colosseum"

by Deniz Cakmaz on 11/20/20 10:40:00 am

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If you prefer a youtube video, oh boi we have something for you 


Fighting Rooms

There are electric traps in the fighting rooms. These activate when you step on them. After a little delay they will damage you if you are still in them. This Update added that they also damage enemies so you can enjoy some Schadenfreude.

The new obstacle I added to the fighting rooms is the shooting trap. Everytime you step on it, the closest wall will shoot projectiles at you. This trap does not disappear like the electric trap though!


Whats up with those other Obstacles?

To get from one room to another you need to go through a path (long corridor). Meanwhile you have a hype resource that fills up when you fight enemies but depletes over time. The more hype you have the more gold you make! Meaning you want to get from one room to another as fast as possible to make more gold. But the paths are filled with obstacles and make moving fast risky! 

The mechanics the new obstacles in this update use are highly inspired by platformers. First because I love platformers and second because I believe the mechanics synergies well. Platformer mechanics make it hard to just rush through the paths between rooms. Nonetheless they allow it if you are skilled enough.


So what are those obstacles?

  • Holes
    We had holes in the last Update. You can dash over them. But walking into them would make you “fall” and your position was reset to infront of the hole. That took continuity out of these parts and was therefore changed. Now they are electric holes. So if you dont dash over them, you get damaged every second while your inside of the hole. You can just walk or dash out of them. And most importantly, your position is not reset!
  • Electric gates
    They have two parts. One is on each side of the wall. Every 1.5s the two parts connect to each other with an electric shock. If you stand between them you get damaged. Its easy to walk past this, but it synergises well with other obstacles and makes them harder.
  • Jump Pads
    When standing on top of it for 0.5s, it moves you forward super fast for a short time. This can be used to make huge holes that can be crossed with this. Or to make a faster way that is also hard though. For instance place the jump pad just infront of an electric gate. Boom you need to time it correctly or you get zapped.
  • Button Ground
    When you step on the button it will activate ground in front of you. But after two seconds the ground disappears. So you need to hurry to get over.
  • Flipping Ground
    There is a red and blue ground. While red is active, blue is not and vice versa. Everytime you dash they flip. So if red was active then blue is active now. Yes. I hope this will break your brain!
  • Statue
    Its hidden until you pass by it, then it reveals itself. It now shoots at you every 0.8s. I love the suprise this trap gives and how crazy it makes even a otherwise simple path.


Thats all folks!

Next update will focus on iterating over the obstacles we created this update. Maybe I will add more, but I think we have enough for now! I will try to make them better in any way possible. Also I will fix some things that do work, but not yet as intended.

If you feel so inclined the game is online on itch! You can play it and share it with your roguelike loving friends​

Thank you for your time and have a good day everyone!

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