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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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Report:  Mad Max  Director Acquires Brendan McNamara's Next Game
Report: Mad Max Director Acquires Brendan McNamara's Next Game
November 28, 2011 | By Mike Rose

George Miller, the film director behind the Mad Max movies, has confirmed that a video game based on the latest in the series, Fury Road is due to be developed, while also revealing that he has acquired the next game from former Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara.

The veteran film producer revealed the news in an interview with the Australian Financial Review, while his business partner Doug Mitchell explained that while it is "not immediately obvious," the video game industry is "massive" and the duo are planning to get development on both of these games underway.

McNamara's next game is called Whore Of The Orient, explained Miller, although he did not go into details regarding what style the game will take.

Miller explained, "[Games are] four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel."

"If you talk to Brendan [McNamara], who is the brilliant mind behind this, it's all the same issues as film. Instead of writing a 100-page screenplay, he wrote a 2800-page screenplay. But it's the same dialogue, acting, blocking, wardrobe, costume, lighting, vehicle simulations. It's a movie that's played interactively at home."

Mitchell added, "With the government's support we can immediately go forward with two games."

"It's not immediately obvious but the potential in the video games sector is massive. Just from the statistics people are showing me, it's a $60 billion industry fast-tracking towards $90 billion."

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Bruno Xavier
profile image
"Well... Time to find some fella to fire once again".

Allen Brooks
profile image
I sure can't wait to work on this project for 7 years under a tyrannical manager, get left out of the credits and get fired as soon as the game ships! Oh boy!

Also- can hype materials for games stop comparing arbitrary numbers (If 2,800 pages is better than 100, than a 2,000,000 page screenplay must automatically be a *masterpiece*) like it actually means anything? Aren't we past this as an industry?

Paul Tozour
profile image
I'm reminded of the "wake" for Ultima IX, where they took a 6-foot-high stack of design docs, drove a stake through them, and lit a huge bonfire under them.

Bart Stewart
profile image
"It's a movie that's played interactively at home."

I cut Miller some slack on this with his background in film. It's natural to try to understand new things in the context of what you already know well.

But I hope if he spends time in the game development industry he'll choose to make not movies with some viewer input, but games that fully exploit the unique interactivity offered by modern personal computers.

marty howe
profile image
'Whore of the orient' is an awful title. How can you market software entertainment with a name like that?

And again, Australia is focused on the number of pages (in a screenplay) instead of making something that is FUN.

Joshua King
profile image
Australia? Jeez, talk about extrapolation.

[User Banned]
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Sebastian Cardoso
profile image

Emmanuel Henne
profile image
Does this mean that the studio gets closed as soon as the public funds dry out ?