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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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GameStop Accepting iOS Trade-Ins, Plans Branded Android Tablet
GameStop Accepting iOS Trade-Ins, Plans Branded Android Tablet
September 12, 2011 | By Mike Rose

Major game retailer GameStop revealed today that it is now accepting iPods, iPhones and iPads as trade-ins for store credit.

Any of these Apple devices can be traded in at any GameStop store in the U.S., and the credit can be put towards games, hardware, DLC and more.

In an official statement, GameStop noted that the value of trade-ins of these devices is "significantly higher" than typical trade-ins.

"By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put toward the purchase of new and pre-owned games, DLC, digital PC games and more," explained GameStop president Tony Bartel.

"This is especially significant with the great title line-up slated for this fall." The company noted that devices traded in must be in working condition, and free from "cosmetic defects."

The company also revealed today that it is set to launch its own brand of Android gaming tablet, which will be classed as a "GameStop certified gaming platform."

As reported by [registration required], the scheme is due to hit stores next year, and will simply be an existing tablet with certain games preloaded onto it -- although the specific model has not yet been announced.

This is the latest move by GameStop to keep up with the constantly changing games industry. Earlier this year, the company revealed its new digital strategy, and began trialling trade-ins of smartphone devices as part of a pilot scheme.

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Caleb Garner
profile image
man talk about a great place for a thief... especially one too young to go through a pawn shop to get some quick "cash" for a stolen item... i can't imagine anyone who paid for an item like this to actually trade it in unless they offer some very competitive trade in rates.... and if their game trade in prices indicate that.. probably not..

E Zachary Knight
profile image
You say that as if GameStop is not required to comply with the very same laws that pawnshops are required to comply with.

Jorge Ramos
profile image
They may be "required", but that doesn't mean they won't actually try to do whatever they will anyway.

Gamestop and their business practices have done more to hurt gaming than even the most punishing PC DRM schema could.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
I take it you have never worked in used games retail.

I worked in an EB Games store in Arizona. Arizona requires that a pawn shop/ used game store to get the name and driver's license/ID number of the person selling the console. They then have to submit the serial number and the ID information to the police department while they check it out and compare that information to stolen items reports. They are not allowed to sell anything for at least 2 weeks after it is sold to them.

If they do not comply with these laws, they face massive fines and possible shutting down of the business.

No store, not even Gamestop, would risk that.

As for your second point, citation needed.

Nuttachai Tipprasert
profile image
Even if GameStop not doing this, stolen items still find their way to be traded elsewhere.

Those places are called 'Black Market'.

Jorge Ramos
profile image
$700 iPhone... $20 credit.

I'm calling it here and now.

Craig Timpany
profile image
The android tablet idea isn't as crazy as it first appears. No doubt they'll preinstall their Kongregate for Android, which might be a win-win seeing as tablet-orientated android apps are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

profile image
To back up Ephraim's statement as to how the law perceives GameStop and pawn shops:

I have worked at both a pawn shop and GameStop as day jobs.

They are both essentially the same as they both deal in the used market. GameStop follows the same practices as pawn shops do.

I suppose Arizona views it the same as Florida does: The driver license info (including name, address, etc). Also, most pawn shops take thumb prints and the serial number of the console or game.

Just thought I'd clear it up, not really pertinent to the conversations, but still :)