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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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GameStop wants to participate in your game's development
GameStop wants to participate in your game's development
July 8, 2014 | By Alex Wawro

July 8, 2014 | By Alex Wawro
More: Console/PC, Social/Online, Business/Marketing

Video game retailer GameStop is looking to expand its partnerships with developers in order to secure larger swathes of gameplay it can brand as "exclusive" to its customers, presumably in a bid to remain competitive as the business of buying video games goes digital and traditional pre-order incentives -- limited stock and physical tchotchkes -- lose value.

The news comes courtesy of wealth management firm R.W. Baird's analyst Colin Sebastian, who -- in a market advisory newsletter received by Gamasutra -- published snippets of a recent GameStop investors meeting in which the company laid out plans to involve itself in game development at a deeper level.

"Management indicated that at the recent E3 conference, software publishers were more enthusiastic about partnering with GameStop, for example by offering exclusive content on each major game release," wrote Baird. "Future models may include GameStop participating in development with some gameplay exclusive to the retailer."

VentureBeat reports that GameStop is seeking to build relationships with developers that afford it earlier access to games in development, allowing the retailer to negotiate for broader swathes of content to be reserved as pre-order exclusives for its customers.

While GameStop has continued to report modest growth on the back of used hardware and software sales, the company's ablity to sell new games is slipping -- in its most recent financial report, GameStop saw sales of new software drop twenty percent year-over-year.

Gamasutra has reached out to GameStop for more information on how it hopes to expand its relationship with game developers and will update with any meaningful response.

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Patrick Miller
profile image
More like GameStahp.

Lihim Sidhe
profile image
"...presumably in a bid to remain competitive as the business of buying video games goes digital..."

As soon as they saw that Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam (especially Steam) that would have been the time to start. It seems the bigger and more powerful a company gets the more agility it loses. Isn't that ironic?

But I'm not going to discourage them. They definitely have to try something new and whatever that new thing ends up being could be great.

We used to have arcades. Competitive games like DotA and League of Legends and even Call of Duty are wildly popular. I'd definitely be inclined to actually consider going to a Gamestop if it offered something in that space. Like a place to go play games with other local players in person. We've lost some of that face to face interaction over the last decade or so. I'd love to have some of it back.

Masaru Wada
profile image
We had places like that. They were called LAN centers/cafes. I don' know why but they went the way of the Dodo in the U.S. (though they're surviving just fine in places like Korea). I remember frequenting places like that in high school, lots of fun. I was definitely bummed when my favorite local LAN center closed down.

Alan Barton
profile image
@"LAN centers/cafes"
I went to the US (Silcon Valley) in 2000 and I expected to find Internet cafes everywhere, because they were poping up everywhere in London at the time, but when I got there, I couldn't find any. I assumed as it was such a tech rich area only visitors there would have needed Internet cafes, but now these days with smart phones, everyone has internet access everywhere, so I guess there's a lot less demand for them.

Chris Book
profile image
I'm sure a few big publishers will go along with it to line their own pockets more. Hopefully the community at large understands what a blight Gamestop is and lets it finally die.

John Maurer
profile image
There are those that still prefer retail over digital copies, quite a few I might add, despite what internet trolling has to say to the contrary.

Mike Higbee
profile image
And there are also some very predatory practices based on the used market that Gamestop partake in for their bottom line which hurt the companies more than piracy.
Not to mention treating their employees like they're commission based sales people while not, driving mom & pop shops out of business etc.

Keith Nemitz
profile image