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October 25, 2014
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October 25, 2014
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Layoffs follow shutdown of Kabam social game  Imperium: Galactic War
Layoffs follow shutdown of Kabam social game Imperium: Galactic War Exclusive
October 3, 2013 | By Kris Graft

Kabam's social web game Imperium: Galactic War is shutting down, leading to layoffs of 23 employees at Kabam's Austin, TX studio, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The layoffs come as Kabam continues to hinge the majority of its business on mobile games.

Kabam corporate communications VP Steve Swasey confirmed the layoffs in a phone call Thursday, but said the office is still operational.

"Kabam in Austin is open and doing business as usual for customer experience and live operations," he said. Swasey did confirm though that all game development at the studio is now gone.

Our source said the layoffs include 20 developers, two QA employees and a community manager.

Swasey said even though 70 percent Kabam's revenues come from mobile, 30 percent still comes from web games. "Facebook is still very important to Kabam," he said.

Kabam has over 650 employees worldwide, said Swasey, and is growing despite the layoffs. "One game is not being continued, and it does affect that game team," he said.

Imperium was the lone game being developed in at Kabam Austin. Around 45 employees remain at the Austin studio working on player experience, live operations and business operations, he said.

"Games have to be able to show promise and show future. If a game doesn't, then we discontinue it. That's not atypical of games companies," said Swasey " It's sad, but you need games that are continually hits."

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Daniel Ferguson
profile image
wtf I just started playing Imperium: Galactic War, thanks I'll not play any more of there games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben weaver
profile image
imperium galactic war is in my opinion the best game i've played from kabam if it shuts down after all the time and effort i have put into it i will not play another game from them KEEP IT GOING!!!!! ty

Jdog Ashbee
profile image
When was Kabam going to announce this on the game forums? Swasey, if you had knowledge of the game shutting down, then why was IGW encouraging players to spend money on a sale that was only 9 days ago? Seem's like unethical business practices to purposely mislead your paying clients into paying for something that won't be around in the future.

MarPai Carter
profile image
Most likely they are trying to get more money out of the players before shutting down. the fact that PayPal and most Credit Cards will NOT go after them for the money they get for the game means they can increase the bottom line without fear of reprisals.
Most likely they will TRY to drive players to other games by saying they may apply any "Credits" they have for IGW to another of their games. even if people don't want to play them. They will not offer any refunds of unused credits.
We REALLY need some legislation to protect the players from actions like this.

Ray Rigsby
profile image
Talk about a major mistake people, shuting down IGW is just that. I don't know the legalities of it all but I would hope that out of respect for loyal players of your games you would take action to insure they don't spend or loose any money. In the least you could offer them some form of credit for money they spent on the game.

CHris KObasiuk
profile image
So if there shutdown why are they still selling any items I spent 300 on this game so far we should be getting a refund

John Karnay
profile image
On behalf of the team involved in developing this game, I apologize. It wasn't our intention to have the game close as suddenly as it did. In fact, we had a good deal of content being ready to be deployed. I appreciate your interest in the product and I hope you enjoyed the time you had with Imperium: Galactic Wars.

Michael Whitaker
profile image
are you one of the people that worked on IGW, If so We need to get in contact, There are lots of us trying to fight this. We are trying to save the game. We have worked hard but are running into dead ends left and right. Pleas Help us.