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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Video: Unity goes in-depth with its new 2D tools
September 6, 2013 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: Unity Technologies has uploaded a video version of a Unite 2013 talk on 2D workflows, which delves into the new 2D system available in version 4.3 of the Unity engine.

The company revealed its new 2D tools last week, offering a beta version of the engine that supports rendering, physics, and workflow for 2D games.

The above video of the talk from Tomas Jakubauskas and Juha Kiili provides an in-depth look into the tools available, and what developers can now achieve with the Unity engine when it comes to 2D game development.

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Darin Ferraro
profile image
Great new tools, especially the dope sheet and sprite/mesh conversion. Seeing audio file waveforms in the dope sheet would be helpful when aligning animation actions to sound effects. Look forward to trying everything out.

Phil Maxey
profile image
Why didn't Adobe do this with Flash 5 years ago? Unity 2D is looking great though.

Rick Juang
profile image
If my memory serves me correctly, Adobe Director (also a former product of Macromedia) had similar features, then Adobe killed off Director in favor of Flash.

Phil Maxey
profile image
Never saw Director so I wouldn't know, what I do know is that 5 years ago when the whole world was making games with Flash this was the obvious direction that Flash should of gone in, instead they woke up to that about a year and a half ago but by then of course it was too late as Unity was getting going. The one area Adobe could take Flash in for games development is to double down on HTML5 game development, at least that would give it some daylight between itself and Unity, with Unity being all about exporting natively, it would make sense for Flash to go in the other direction and use HTML5 as it's basis.

I get the impression though that this is not what Adobe want to do, they seem to want to just be tool makers and nothing else, and you can't blame them if that's the case.

Alec V
profile image
I made a bunch of games with Director, from arcade to board to strategy to children's... and all the Director guys always resented Flash for taking Adobe's top talent off the project. Director was much more powerful in many ways but not as simple or as lightweight as Flash. Been getting back into doing 2D games, playing around with Cocos2D and Apple's new Sprite Kit for iOS, and now this comes out for Unity as well... seems like the whole industry is going back to 2D ...

Will Burgess
profile image
Was wondering the same thing!

Alex Rose
profile image
This is absolutely incredible. The meshes formed, the Box2D physics, the 2D view where you can just grab stuff, the animator.. it's all perfect.

The 2D view in particularly is insanely useful, when I was using invisible cubes for rigidbodies with planes as children for quick botch jobs for game jams before, I'd invariably pick up and move the image plane around without its rigidbody, and spend the next 5 minutes confused why my character is stopping in mid air or falling through the floor. And not having to use flat surfaces anymore or resort to silly detection by raycasting and returning UVs is just awesome. Unity's the best.

Michael Pianta
profile image
Since I'm mostly interested in 2D games, I've been using Game Maker up until now. But, uh, looks like it might be time for a switch.