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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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PlayStation Network gets game pre-loading functionality
PlayStation Network gets game pre-loading functionality
May 17, 2012 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: Sony has introduced a pre-buy system to its PlayStation Store, allowing PSN users to purchase and download certain games in preparation for release day.

With the new initiative, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to download games prior to the release date, and play the moment the game is made available. The first game to use this new system is PlayStation Move-enabled Sorcery, due to be released next week.

The move is similar to digital distribution platform Steam's own pre-loading capabilities, by which PC gamers can download games before official release dates to ensure they are playable from the moment the game goes live.

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Joseph Anthony B. A. Tanimowo-Reyes
profile image

While you're implementing such good ideas, Sony, how about universal Remote Play? You know, something so developers won't have to specifically support it - all titles I actually care about don't.

Brian Pace
profile image
Wonder if this means we can play at midnight when the game is released or if it means we have to wait for the store to update.

profile image
This is useless because you can't DL content while playing a game or watching a movie on the PS3. You cant DL more than one software at a time. You shouldn't leave you Ps3 on all the time because it doesn't have a low power state. (Like your computer does)

Useless, is useless.

Eric Geer
profile image
Not entirely useless...if you want to get the download out of the way early it is quite helpful...especially for some of those big games that you want to play on release day that take lots of time to download and lots of time to install.

And you can always download games in the background. And you don't have to leave the PS3 on all the time...just when you are downloading and installing...or playing(obviously)

Christian Nutt
profile image
You can download content while playing a game and I'm pretty sure while watching a movie, too, though I'd have to check. I do it all the time...

Keith Thomson
profile image
Almost every statement in this post is incorrect. (The only one thats correct? That you can't download while watching a movie.)

You can download games while playing certain game titles, as long as they aren't using up too much memory. You're right about Videos though, as it can't download while watching videos. PS2 games won't allow background downloading either. You CAN download multiple titles at once, just do a "download all" then set them to background. You can also select them to download one at a time, then tell each one to background download. You can also tell your PS3 to shut off as soon as the downloads are completed. You can even tell your PS3 to download updates automatically in the middle of the night even if you have it turned off if you subscribe to PSN+. It's not a useless feature at all.

If you have a slim PS3, its entire existence is a low-power state compared to most modern PCs. It only uses about 70 watts under full load, compared to ~200 average for most PCs.

Dave Long
profile image
What Keith said - never hurts to make sure you know what you're talking about before posting - about 90% of your three-line post is wrong, that's quite an effort. The pre-loading idea is a great one imo - works brilliantly for Steam (and you can't download while playing titles on Steam either, so it's hardly an unusual arrangement that you can't DL while playing a game on PS3).

Dave Long
profile image
This is a great move - first time this has been done on console I think? And not that usual (as far as I'm aware, it's just Steam and PSN that do it, although Gamestop/Gamersgate might as well and I've just missed it). Can't believe there's not more positive buzz for it - this kind of thing is a big step towards moving to a digitally-focussed future for Playstation gaming at least (and I'd bet good money that if MS doesn't already have it, that they'll follow in Sony's footsteps soon enough - and Ninty in two generations time, lol).