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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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 Diablo III  launching on May 15, presales now open
Diablo III launching on May 15, presales now open
March 15, 2012 | By Mike Rose

March 15, 2012 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Highly anticipated Blizzard Entertainment action RPG Diablo III will launch worldwide on May 15, with presales of the game now available via the official website.

The third in the popular RPG series has been a long time coming, with Diablo II released back in 2000. Diablo III will be a key 2012 release for Activision Blizzard's fiscal year.

Diablo III will also continue some of the features incorporated into StarCraft II, including Real ID integration, which offers a persistent friends list and cross-game chat for players to communicate across other Blizzard titles.

The upcoming game also caused quite a stir last year when it was revealed that it will include a player-driven, real money transaction-powered economy.

Those interested in pre-ordering the game can do so immediately, the World of Warcraft developer has announced. The company plans to use these last couple of months to put "final polish" on the game, which will be available for Windows PC and Mac.

The company also noted that World of Warcraft players can receive Diablo III for free by purchasing a World of Warcraft Annual Pass -- these free copies will be given out on May 15.

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Bob Johnson
profile image

Cartrell Hampton
profile image
About time.
- Ziro out.

Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
profile image
Wonder how easy this game will be to mod. I never did any D2 modding. Since the game is 3D, I'm hoping modders are able to do more with movement/aim, rather than the clickfest that is Diablo.

Zach Grant
profile image
There is no modding in Diablo 3. It is pretty much an always online game, and they will verify your files to prevent cheating.

David Amador
profile image
Just pre-ordered my Collector's Edition. Bring it on

Darcy Nelson
profile image
Does anyone else think this Real Money Auction House is going to be Pandora's box?

Roger Klado
profile image
I use to be a real fanatic Blizzard fan, But I really think Blizzard does not realize after so much success how distant an alienating some of it's choices are.
With mmo worlds concentration...
for someone that is not close to being a mmo fan it can really strain the early fan where it seems Blizzard just fell off the grid for many years.

Starcraft II?
With slow 3dvision support and Banning accounts for Nvidia Surround/Eyefinity usage. In this age of super cheap monitors where a multi monitor setup can be had for less than $185 dollar deals it's a bitter pill to swallow when as a fan you get banned for showing their game more love than they feel it deserves with some peripheral love. Multi Monitors are hardly some esoterically expensive hardware advantage that is priced any higher than any other hardware advantage. In addition to the qq-ing community that made an issue that cripples instead of advances the state of progress. The mix of pettyness was a bitter bitter pill. ( witness the abandonement and alienation from the widescreen userbase at the wsgf forums )

Considering I might have never actually completed Diablo if it were not for the Necromancer class. And then perhaps if hard pressed to play perhaps the Paladin class. The absence of the necromancer really makes me wonder where I am supposed to regenerate past excitment for the game from when playing without playing using an undead and raised Golem monster army was the main joy? No necromancer was extremely heart breaking.

No native multi-monitor support again?
News from the wsgf forums seem to point to another slap in the face. Although there are screens of as much working and I have not heard any official announcement of bans once again. But fear as of much will keep me from pre-ordering.

No offline play.
FU if you are poor. How else would anyone living from paycheck to paycheck treat this insult?
"Even if the piraters private server's defeat our attempts once again we are going to make the poorest of u live in fear of losing connectivity. Have a nice day losers?"

From what I have seen so far,
One thing that has not changed is Blizzard quality which is still A1 awesome. So much so, I believe it deserves to be splashed across all three of my 27 inch 3d monitors.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would not buy a Diablo III when it was released I would have thought you were cursed with a 28the level spell of insane blind absurdity. But I can not imagine save for Blizzard coming to it's senses that I could possibly buy Diablo III now. Considering all the money they are about to rake in perhaps they could hire in a responsible way that does not lead to another 600 firings in one day.

Tomas Majernik
profile image
No offline has a lot to do with the planned auction house I guess (so you don`t cheat items and then sell them online). The big thing behind this decision however (same as behind SC2 no LAN support) is still to prevent piracy. I don`t like this (limiting paying customers to play the game online only) any more than you. :(

No multi monitor is a consequence of competitive play. I remember Blizzard banning people with custom (higher) resolutions in Diablo 2 on The thing was higher resolution gives you a larger field of view on your screen so if you compete in player versus player you might get an unfair advantage. This is the case of multi monitor as well. As for this, I can understand Blizzard. I don`t say it is the best solution, I say I see why are they doing this and I can accept it.

Roger Klado
profile image
Even in this day where a cheap multi - monitor setup could easily be your cheapest component ( just check off NewEggs $50 - $75 dollar price range dailey fer Christ Sakes ) next to the cheap price of memory, keyboards and mouse ( and even then my mouse @ $149 dollars for a wirless R.A.T equalls 88% of such a bargain setup ) As much as I love this mouse, perhaps it should be banned as well?
I have to agree with Anand that the addition of a pricey SSD will be the most noticeable upgrade you can make. Thankfully my c300 is no longer a $700 dollar buy. But considering the speed advantage I get from RAID certainly this represents an unfair advantage out of the average users price range? So how do we decide which advantageous hardware upgrade is an unfair advantage?
If by price, The monitor argument becomes hollow when there are many more expensive hardware advantages that will never suffer such petty jealousy.

To be honest, I have never done more than peaked at multiplayer. ( aging gamers with no time or patience for the annoying multiplayer universe will only grow as a demographic ) Why not go along way in not alienating an "enthusiastic fan $$$" base then and allow multi monitor single player experience within the campaign??
I can not see why that support is not implemented and can not accept supporting the lowest common denominator as healthy progress.

Dennis Groenewoud
profile image
Isn't that the same day as max payne 3 is supposed to launch. Hopefully they do not get in each others way because I'd like to see succes for both games but we'll see