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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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Pachter: Microsoft 'Most Impactful' Of E3, Sony's PSP Go 'Mispriced'
Pachter: Microsoft 'Most Impactful' Of E3, Sony's PSP Go 'Mispriced' Exclusive
June 8, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says that Microsoft's E3 presentation was the "most impactful," while the volume and structure of Sony's show detracted from the strength of its content.

"Sonyís content was fine, but their presentation was too long, and had way too much information, much of it not important 'news,' Pachter tells Gamasutra. The company also 'didnít do a particularly good job of differentiating the PSP Go from the PSP 3000.'"

Sony gets an "A for content" thanks to a "fantastic" lineup of first-party titles and third-party exclusives, the analyst says, but believes the PSP Go! is mispriced too high -- "particularly as I believe that the UMD disc drive assembly has to cost more than 16 Gb of flash memory, so Iím hard pressed to see why the retail price should go up by $80," he says. In his note to investors, he adds that "after a rush of fanboy purchases, sales of the device may stall."

"In my view, Sony is trying to position the device as a competitor to the iPod Touch, and it is going to fall flat without an apps store and a touch screen."

If Microsoft gave the best show and Sony had a few missteps, Pachter estimates that Nintendo brings up the rear with the "least impactful" presentation, since it announced only one core title for this year. But the analyst finds that "Nintendoís content offering is quite broad, with a balance of hard core and casual games for both the DS and the Wii."

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David Fried
profile image
Sony's previous successes seem to have been happy accidents. This is a company that has failed to listen to what their consumer base has been trying to tell them for many years. The PSP Go is NOT what anyone wants and I predict it will fail. With no price cuts on the near horizon, I can't imagine Sony increasing its market share by much. The PS3 has in essence become nothing more than a glorified Blu-Ray player. Finally, their "exclusive" content is not terribly exciting and given the past track record for exclusivity, I doubt it will remain exclusive for more than 6 months.

Alexander Bruce
profile image
I don't necessarily think that they were happy accidents at all, if that was a serious comment. I just think that circumstances are different to how they were for the last two console generations.

Nintendo went through a fairly major downfall as well for the same time period, but I wouldn't consider luck as being a factor in their earlier successes, any more than it is for any other company that succeeds at any point in time. Times change.

Alexander Bruce
profile image
Thanks for spamming articles and posting exactly the same things multiple times everywhere sasa. It really makes things easy to read.

gaz mad
profile image

You must be a fool if you think a major corporation like Sony bases its success from luck or accidents.


Name recognition may have had a factor but PAnasonic and Philips gave it ago and name recognition never helped. I'll remind you that Panasonic are the worlds leaders in electronics.

Also Square helped but so did so may other developers. When the PS1 came it brought with it powerful internal hardware for that time with a cd-rom based drive. It was Nintendo's own fault for sticking with cartridge. The PS1 allowed for 3D based games to be stored on plenty of space on a disc. Developers didn't just jump on board and say what the heck, to take a risk at an unproven platform, they saw the potential and power, and they believed in that Sony can deliver.

I played they Saturn many time during that time but when I first had seen the PS1 with its games I was immediately hooked. This happened with so many people and the popularity grew, and with that so did the games. It was better than anything the Saturn had and anything the N64 offererd. Don't believe me then ask 100 million people who bought a PS1. All that had nothing to do with accidents.

On Topic; It was obvious what Patcher was going to say, he is so predictable because he spouts the same crap at every E3. I knew he was going to say how MS was better, and how he made Nintendo to have a better showing than what really happened. He says Sony's presentetion was too long. Sony's conference length: 1hr 57mins. MS conference lentgh: 1hr 53mins. Apparently according to Patcher 4 mins longer than 1hr 53mins is too long while if its 4mins shorter than 1hr 57mins, thats just right. What a knob!

MS spend the first 15 minutes with Rock Band Beatles, why? As if it was a major exclusive to the 360, which a) is not an exclusive and b)its not major, in fact Beatles suck and their songs are gay. Give me Guitar Hero Metalica any day, thats music you wanna air guitar to and will work perfectly in a rock guitar game. Oh and how MS have just one exclusive song to their system, OMG.

Oh poor Patcher, couldn't work out which was PSP Go! and PSP 3000. Sony differentiated them perfectly, I had no problems just like everyone else watching the show.

The only thing I agree on is the price of the PSP Go! I think we'll see a price drop fairly soon for the handheld?

This is just the usual crap from Patcher taking a dig at Sony which he does many times on GT's Bonus round. Are you supposed to have a biased industry analyst? He even comments on GT Bonus Round about the amount of stick and hatred he gets from GT users, but he still comes back and carries on and GT still have him o the show. All GT users can't stand him and his bull crap (he predicts a PS3 pricedrop all the time for the past 2 yrs) and want him gone. So why don't you eff off somewhere else Patcher.

There's a poll on IGN main page that has 'who is winning E3' a poll that was up before E3 started, bear in mind that IGN is a MS orientated site with the majority of the user base 360 fans. The poll has on now Sony 42% MS 47% and N 11% I was quite surprised at Sony taking a good percentage of votes on this site.

In IGN forums under the E3 2009 board, there at the top of the list is a topic named 'who won E3' In here is a poll and for Sony they got 52% MS got 34% and N got 12%. from 647 votes. My point is that even from IGN's 360 fan user base, many of those fans voted for Sony. A clear indication that Sony had a better showing by far.

Victor Boone
profile image
I would like to buy a PS3 just to round out my console collection, and in case Sony makes something I just can't live without. It would also be cool to have a Blu Ray player in place when I finally take the 1080p plunge. But it will take a $100 price cut to lure me, and that includes if they come out with a slim model. $299 is the magic number. Besides didn't they take out BC to reduce the cost?

David Fried
profile image
Okay, perhaps their initial launch of the PS1 wasn't luck. They knew what they wanted and knew it was good and they went for it. Success...

But since then, I have seen them do nothing but make one arrogant move after another, and this latest batch of nonsense has me absolutely baffled. Making your system difficult for developers to make games for is not smart. Having the highest priced console and refusing to lower your price during an economic downturn is not smart. Making a new handheld console and pricing it higher than your competition's home console is absolutely foolish...

From where I'm standing, Sony is on the path to destruction... And I'm not just saying that because Activision is threatening to yank the plug on developing for them. It's because they're making poor decisions.