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April 21, 2015
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April 21, 2015
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16 reasons players are leaving your game 7
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.15]
"On average, less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session. These notes are a collection of potential reasons why your players might leave the game."
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Design, Business/Marketing

Report: Whales gobble up even more of the F2P mobile game revenue pie 14
by Alex Wawro [04.09.15]
A new report suggests that while more players seem willing to spend more money on in-app purchases, big "whale" spenders still account for a growing majority of sales revenue in F2P mobile games.
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Research on the relationship between games and sexist attitudes appears 85
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.15]
A study has appeared, targeting German gamers -- which shows no correlation between playing and sexist attitudes. What does the data mean? It's parsed out here.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Hiring to boost productivity? You're solving the wrong problem 2
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.15]
"Youíre in the middle of creating a game when you realize that you have way too much work to complete within the timeframe you have left. Whatís the first thought that crosses your mind?"
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Recruitment

Cheating Death: Accommodating player failure and recovery Exclusive 3
by Phill Cameron [04.09.15]
We talk to Clint Hocking, Chris Avellone and Michael De Plater about the convention of player death as a fail state, and what happens when you move past it.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Production, Exclusive

Get a job: Firaxis is hiring a Creature Programmer  
by Staff [04.08.15]
The folks at Baltimore-based Firaxis Games are looking for someone with C/C++ programming skills and Unreal Engine development experience to develop creature animation systems for a next-gen game.
Console/PC, Programming, Recruitment

Listen to the Electroplankton designer's unreleased SNES music game 1
by Alex Wawro [04.08.15]
An anonymous agent has made a choice piece of game industry history available to the public by buying a copy of Toshio Iwai's unreleased SNES music game Sound Fantasy and sharing it with the world.
Console/PC, Design, Production, Video

Don Mattrick is out as Zynga's CEO, and founder Mark Pincus back in 12
by Christian Nutt [04.08.15]
Zynga management shakeup comes as total surprise -- as ex-Xbox man Mattrick's tenure at at the company lasts less than two years.
Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Video Postmortem: Deconstructing the development of Gravity Ghost  
by Staff [04.08.15]
Speaking at GDC 2015, Ivy Games' Erin Robinson shares her experiences developing her charming physics-based puzzler Gravity Ghost from a simple idea to a complete, critically-acclaimed game.
Video, Vault

Don't Miss: The designers of Deus Ex and Thief talking shop at GDC 1
by Staff [04.08.15]
Deus Ex designer Warren Spector and Thief designer Doug Church grill each other on stage at GDC 2002 about their design decisions and how to talk shop without destroying the "magic of game creation."
Console/PC, Design

The poor man's character controller 7
by Gamasutra Community [04.08.15]
"Budget an extraordinary amount of time for your character controller. Make it special and unique. And if you're me, prepare to be wrong most of the time."
Indie, Programming

Visceral chief departs EA following Battlefield: Hardline launch 2
by Alex Wawro [04.08.15]
Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis has left Electronic Arts after nearly 15 years with the company, and Battlefield: Hardline senior producer Scott Probst has stepped up to fill his shoes.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Capcom Europe CEO steps down after four months on the job  
by Alex Wawro [04.08.15]
After taking the reins in December, Hiroshi Tobisawa is stepping down to return to Japan; long-standing Capcom executive Katsuhiko Ichii will take his place as Capcom Europe's new CEO.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Design test: Improving rock, paper, scissors 19
by Gamasutra Community [04.08.15]
"The Test is something I've developed to help me figure out what, if any, this prospective team member's strengths are as a designer or developer: to improve the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors."
Console/PC, Design

The hidden costs of scripting game behavior 8
by Gamasutra Community [04.08.15]
"Iím going to talk about the costs and benefits of adding scripting to a game project, not all of which are obvious, based on my own experiences of working on game projects."
Console/PC, Indie, Programming

Mobile analytics: Targeting beyond new players  
by Gamasutra Community [04.08.15]
"So what can game developers do to improve their attribution standards now? Stay informed. Advertising isnít always top-of-mind, but its importance will only grow in the coming years."
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

What the heck is Yo-Kai Watch? 10 things you need to know Exclusive 3
by Christian Nutt [04.08.15]
Want to understand what's up with the next big franchise from Nintendo and Level-5? This article lays it all out for you, from game to anime, comics, and toys -- and potential for Western success.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive

How to finish your first game when you can't seem to finish your first game 4
by Gamasutra Community [04.08.15]
"A lot of people have asked us about this process, especially people like us who are trying to go from the place we were a year ago -- that is, never having made a game -- to where we are now."
Indie, Production

Get a job: Cloud Imperium Games seeks to hire a Graphic Designer  
by Staff [04.07.15]
One of the studios behind Chris Roberts' Star Citizen is hiring an experienced graphic designer to work on the crowdfunded space game alongside the team in CIG's Santa Monica, CA offices.
Console/PC, Art, Recruitment