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August 15, 2018
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Updates » Design
Designing and building a robust, comprehensive achievement system 4
by Gamasutra Community [07.04.18]
Developer Josh Ge walks through coding achievements for Cogmind: why and how they were chosen, the creation of 256 icons, and the implementation -- including related UI features and Steam integration.
Indie, Design

Dying Light 2's Chris Avellone compares dev work to tabletop games  
by Emma Kidwell [07.03.18]
Game designer Chris Avellone compares how working in video games is similar to being a gamemaster for a tabletop game.
Console/PC, Design

Don't Miss: Shenmue director Yu Suzuki shares his unique approach to game design  
by Staff [07.03.18]
In this classic video, Shenmue director and designer Yu Suzuki appears onstage at GDC 2000 to talk frankly (with the help of an interpreter) about his unique approach to game design.

Blog: Shaping narrative through level design in Dead Body Falls  
by Gamasutra Community [07.03.18]
Dead Body Falls takes place in a fictional hotel, with a disturbing and lonely setting designed to unnerve players. But how did we shape our narrative through level design to achieve that goal?

Come to XRDC for expert advice on launching cross-platform AR games!  
by Staff [07.03.18]
At XRDC in October, 8th Wall's Iman Mostafavi�will share lessons learned about bringing an augmented reality game to market on multiple�mobile�platforms.
VR, Design, Business/Marketing

Blog: How grinding can undermine your game design 6
by Gamasutra Community [07.03.18]
Today's post returns to the concept of grinding in video games, and how it might end up hurting your project in the long run.

Video: How visual novels cultivate a strong sense of narrative  
by Staff [07.02.18]
In this GDC 2013 session, Spike Chunsoft's Kotaro Uchikoshi discusses the definitions of the visual novel genre and how among other games, it has by far the strongest sense of narrative.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Blog: The art of difficult card game design - Part 2  
by Gamasutra Community [07.02.18]
It's possible to make design choices that turn players away, but it's also possible to make art and writing decisions that cause similarly negative reactions. Here's how to walk the design tight rope.

Blog: Building the Frisco Fields in Mafia III  
by Gamasutra Community [07.02.18]
Frisco Fields was the most diverse district in Mafia III, featuring high-society and walled off communities, while at the same time oppressed families and backwoods racism.
Console/PC, Design

Video Game Deep Cuts: Inside The RNG Tetris Effect  
by Gamasutra Staff [07.01.18]
This week's highlights include a piece on random number generation in classic games, what the upcoming Tetris Effect can learn from other classic updates, & lots more.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

The designer of Six Ages & King of Dragon Pass on the power of systemic stories  
by Bryant Francis [06.29.18]
We talked to the lead designer of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass about the unique form of systemic storytelling he's developed.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Don't Miss: A look at choice overload in game design, and how to avoid it 10
by Staff [06.29.18]
It's easy to overwhelm players with too much choice. In this classic post, game user researcher Bob Tilford discusses the literature of excess choice and how it relates to game design!

We're talking with Six Ages developer David Dunham at 3PM EDT  
by Bryant Francis [06.29.18]
Chat with the lead developer of Six Ages, the follow-up to iOS cult hit King of Dragon Pass, at 3PM EDT.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Life is Strange: Before The Storm wins big at Games for Change Awards 2
by Chris Kerr [06.29.18]
Life is Strange: Before the Storm was the big winner at this year's Games for Change award, scooping up two of the most coveted prizes.
Design, Business/Marketing

Adapting games like Fallout and Doom to play well on a board 1
by Gareth Monk [06.29.18]
Fantasy Flight Games' Andrew Fischer and Jonathan Ying walk Gamasutra through their processes for adapting the worlds and systems of games like Fallout and Doom into engaging multiplayer board games.
Console/PC, Design

Blog: A brief history of murder in Ultima Online 9
by Gamasutra Community [06.29.18]
In this excerpt from 'Postmortems,' a new book of selected design essays by Raph Koster, the author serves up a brief history of murder in Ultima Online.
Design, Business/Marketing

Video: How Severed blends 2D and 3D visuals  
by Staff [06.28.18]
In this GDC 2016 session, Drinkbox Studios' Augusto Quijano offers some insight into the visual design of the 2D/3D hybrid game Severed.
Console/PC, Art, Design, Video

Warner Bros. calls Bethesda lawsuit against Westworld game 'baseless'  
by Emma Kidwell [06.28.18]
Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive released a statement today regarding the Westworld mobile game, calling out Bethesda's accusations of copyright infringement against them "baseless."
Smartphone/Tablet, Design, Business/Marketing

Owlchemy explores the future of room-scale VR interaction design at XRDC!  
by Staff [06.28.18]
Come to XRDC in October, where Owlchemy Labs' Devin Reimer and Andrew Eiche will be delivering a forward-looking session on "The Holodeck is Here...Now What?: Advanced Interactions for Room-Scale VR."
VR, Design

Blog: The Westworld fallout - A discussion on work-for-hire 5
by Gamasutra Community [06.28.18]
I want to discuss the recent lawsuit filed by Bethesda Softworks against Behaviour Interactive regarding the similarities between the new Westworld mobile game and Fallout Shelter.
Design, Production