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February 10, 2016
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February 10, 2016
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Updates » Console/PC
Payday dev Starbreeze lands $40M investment from major Korean game corp  
by Chris Kerr [01.21.16]
Korean game company Smilegate has invested $40 million in Payday 2 developer, Starbreeze, helping both companies "bridge the gap" between the East and the West. 
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

The math that drives Hearthstone's Arena 4
by Gamasutra Community [01.21.16]
A look at how Hearthstone's Arena mode works -- from the perspective of the math that drives it: "Equal opportunity, meritocracy, the chance to win big: it's the American dream in its purest form."
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Design

Roll for your life: Making randomness transparent in Tharsis 3
by Roy Graham [01.21.16]
"Human beings have this innate understanding of stuff that we can touch and hold and look at," says Zach Gage. "The dice in Tharsis are an analogue for something everyone is familiar with."
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video

Survey: Hearthstone appreciated as more strategic, less exciting than League of Legends 12
by Alex Wawro [01.20.16]
Consulting firm Quantic Foundry has synthesized data gathered from surveys filled out by over 140,000 game players to compare the perceived challenge and thrill of popular strategy games.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: How Blizzard designed the immersive UI of Hearthstone 6
by Staff [01.20.16]
Hearthstone senior UI designer Derek Sakamoto breaks down Blizzard's approach to UI design at GDC 2015, in the process shedding light on how you can best craft a great UI for your own game.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Art, Design

Get advanced graphics tips from Remedy, Nvidia and AMD at GDC 2016  
by Staff [01.20.16]
DirectX fans, take note: GDC 2016 organizers are offering an early look today at the scope and ambitions of the Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial Day that will help kick off the March conference.
VR, Console/PC, Programming, Art, GDC

These are the best-selling PlayStation Store titles of 2015  
by Chris Kerr [01.20.16]
Sony has named its biggest digital hitters of 2015, with the company releasing a round-up of its best selling PlayStation Store titles on the official European and U.S. PlayStation blogs.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

GDC State of the Industry: Most developers now confident about the future of VR  
by Staff [01.20.16]
The latest Game Developers Conference survey suggests most developers now believe both VR/AR and eSports game development are sustainable businesses, with VR excitement growing fast.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing, GDC

AR, VR investment nearly $700 million in 2015 - report  
by Gamasutra Community [01.20.16]
An overarching analysis: "The cash has been flowing into sectors where investors see both short and long term opportunities, including AR/VR video, games, solutions/services and both AR and VR head mounted displays."
VR, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing

6 Unity plugins we used while developing Punch Club 3
by Gamasutra Community [01.20.16]
Six must-have plug-ins from the developer of Punch Club -- which take care of a variety of problems and add new functionality to the popular game engine.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming

Austin, Texas' parking problems through the lens of game dev culture 14
by Gamasutra Community [01.20.16]
The difficulties of driving and parking in Austin, Texas -- as viewed through the context of its game development studios and culture.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Indie, Business/Marketing

Placing kid characters in a tragic situation in This War Of Mine 1
by Alex Wawro [01.20.16]
Gamasutra speaks to some of the developers at 11bit about how and why they decided to add children -- modeled by their own kids -- into their grim war survival game This War Of Mine.
Console/PC, Indie, Design

Can Sony trademark 'Let's Play'? An attorney's take 5
by Gamasutra Community [01.20.16]
"Why did this happen? Could Sony actually do it? What would trademarking ‘Let’s Play’ even mean? Read on for a super quick tour through some trademark law basics."
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

IGDA board of directors election for 2016 is on now  
by Christian Nutt [01.19.16]
Member of the IGDA? You can review the nominees for the board of directors election -- two slots are waiting to be filled. Votes are due by February 29.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Business/Marketing

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will be sued for breach of contract 3
by Christian Nutt [01.19.16]
Total Recall Technologies contracted Luckey -- before his successful Oculus Rift Kickstater -- to develop a headset. A judge said part of its suit against him can move forward.
VR, Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Get a job: Telltale Games seeks an experienced Rigging Artist  
by Staff [01.19.16]
Minecraft: Story Mode developer Telltale Games seeks a Senior Rigging Artist to work on games alongside the rest of the team at the company's San Rafael, CA headquarters.
Console/PC, Art, Recruitment

Video: Cinematic storytelling in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor  
by Staff [01.19.16]
At GDC 2015's Narrative Summit Monolith's Ethan Walker takes the stage to showcase how the studio designed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to feel like a cinematic story you can play through.
Console/PC, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Video, Vault

Microsoft buys MinecraftEdu, moves to put Minecraft in more schools  
by Alex Wawro [01.19.16]
Microsoft has bought MinecraftEdu from indie educational studio TeacherGaming as it moves to develop Minecraft: Education Edition in collaboration with educators.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: Designing Darkest Dungeon to inspire despair 8
by Phill Cameron [01.19.16]
We talk to Chris Bourassa and Tyler Sigman of Red Hook Studios about the difficulty of Darkest Dungeon, and why they want their narrator to compound defeat by insulting the player.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

This Week in Video Game Blogging: The contradicting aesthetics of That Dragon, Cancer  
by Critical Distance [01.19.16]
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Melissa King on topics ranging from storytelling in That Dragon, Cancer to a secret twist in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
Console/PC, Indie