Gamasutra - Blogs Alistair Doulin's Blogs Thu, 29 Jan 2015 09:22:52 EST en-us (Simon Carless) Video Game Industry Predictions 2015 - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Business/Marketing,Console/PC,Indie,Social/Online,Smartphone/Tablet What are your predictions for the video game industry in 2015? Here are mine. http://gamasutra.com Mon, 05 Jan 2015 01:17:00 EST The Indie Content Problem - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Design,Production,Console/PC,Indie How do indie game developers with small teams create enough content to engage players for a reasonable length of time? I discuss possible solutions to this problem and would like to hear other people's thoughts. http://gamasutra.com Wed, 09 Jul 2014 12:10:00 EDT Why Facebook Buying Oculus Is Positive - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Business/Marketing,Console/PC,Social/Online,VR Facebook just announced they will be acquiring Oculus for $2B. The internet is ablaze with almost unanimous displeasure about this announcement and I’d like to dig into why, despite an initial surprised reaction, I am happy about this acquisition. http://gamasutra.com Wed, 26 Mar 2014 06:51:00 EDT How We Use Unity - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Indie How we are using Unity for our 4th game. The 3rd party tools we use and how we lay out our projects. http://gamasutra.com Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:03:00 EDT Going Free To Play - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Business/Marketing,Indie Have you thought about making a Free To Play game? What is the current landscape of F2P? This post outlines the step from paid to Free To Play in our upcoming game, Battle Group 2 and how we (as Indie's) are planning to compete. http://gamasutra.com Sun, 09 Mar 2014 08:11:00 EDT Video Game Industry Predictions 2013 - by Alistair Doulin http://gamasutra.com Production,Console/PC Well, the world didn't end (of course) so it's time to look to the next twelve months and predict what we might see in 2013. Here are my predictions for the video game industry in 2013. http://gamasutra.com Tue, 01 Jan 2013 08:15:00 EST