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April 25, 2018
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April 25, 2018
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Posted by Caleb Compton on 04/24/18 10:38:00 am in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Art
Game design lessons can be found everywhere. In this article, the first in my "Game design in real life" series, I take a look at some of the design lessons that can be learned from the design of Disney World.

Posted by Jill Sullivan on 04/24/18 10:38:00 am in Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet
Kongregate sits down with Francisco Martnez, President & Co-founder of Codigames to talk about the development process behind "Heroes of Rings: Dragons War."

Posted by Tim Hoang on 04/24/18 10:29:00 am in Business/Marketing, Indie
This post discusses actual costs of indie game development, what developers need to know before they begin developing, and how to budget and spend properly on projects.

This post is a cross-post from our own website blog. Link: In this post we go over what went into planning our booth for PAX East Including what to order, how to lay stuff out, how to sell merch, etc.

Posted by Chris Cobb on 04/23/18 10:03:00 am in
We will explore the traits that make a game stand out in in a saturated market

Posted by Steven Stadnicki on 04/23/18 10:03:00 am in Programming
A pretty common programming application - hashing a sequence of possibly serial numbers into a random-looking sequence - has a straightforward solution with some interesting number theory, and a nice application of the golden ratio, behind it.

Posted by Ben Chong on 04/23/18 10:02:00 am in Business/Marketing, Programming, Production
Learn how brands are achieving success using casual HTML5 games.

Posted by Tom Hermans on 04/23/18 10:01:00 am in Design, Indie
Two years ago, I had an idea for a platforming game. Would my design skills finally be good enough to make a game that would reach an audience? Little did I know that the games reception would go well over any expectations I had.

Posted by Kimberly Culp on 04/20/18 09:17:00 am in Business/Marketing, Production, Console/PC, Serious
Video game developers scored major points when a New York court recently rejected Lindsay Lohans invasion of privacy claims against the developer of the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. This article discusses the implications of that ruling.

Posted by Josh Bycer on 04/20/18 09:16:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Super Mario Odyssey may have taken the level design of Mario in a different direction, but there was one stage that rose above the rest and is worthy of being studied more closely.