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October 20, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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New XBox/PC Indie Game: Ring Runner -- And a sincere request for help!
by Enrique Dryere on 03/20/12 05:35:00 pm

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The WolfAngel - A local two-player coop ship

This is as much a happy announcement of our game as it is a humble request for your help!  My brother and I are completely new to the industry, but we've worked very hard on our game for the last four years.  Our launch time is fast approaching (late summer or fall of this year), and we're only just beginning our publicity campaign.  Any advice from you veterans? We're planning on submitting to all of the conferences and competitions because we know they can generate good exposure even if you don't win, but I'm afraid they may be a bit late.  Should we delay release until the proper presence is built, or release anyway?

If you'd like to learn about our game, please allow me to refer you to our Youtube video blog:

It's basically an action RPG in space with tons of different abilities, ships, and other fun stuff!  Its inspiration can be found in a classic old Mythic game, Silent Death, which if anyone remembers was on AOL games at something like 2 bucks an hour to play.  As a lad, I racked up about 2k in credit card debt in one month and was promptly grounded -- never got to play it again. And now that I can afford to pay for it myself, it doesn't exist, so I figured I'd have to make a modern version.  Other inspirations come from the fast paced action of DotA games and the vast offerings for "horizontal" improvement in Guild Wars.

Thanks for your time!

- Enrique

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Benjamin Quintero
profile image
Enrique is looks like you've put a lot of work into this project.

1. I'd suggest first looking around here on Gamasutra. Many successful XBLIG developers have blogged and/or written articles on self promoting.

2. Secondly, focus on a strong press release and try to contact as many people as possible (but don't be annoying). This part is easier said than done since you have to prove that your space-shooter-mech idea is better than some other guy's space-shooter-mech idea. That's not an insult (i happen to like space shooters), just be aware that you have to prove how your idea is different.

3. Typically a unique art style turns heads but a good game mechanic might convince media to listen to you if you can hold their attention. It helps to know people in the media and events like GDC/E3/PAX might be good places to find them if you don't already know at least a couple.

4. Being active in the community is a good way for people to remember your name. It doesn't have to be here, it could be on gamer sites with similar interests to your game. It could be on small indie dev sites or even a neogaf thread opens a conversation with people who might have an opinion about your game. just be ready to take a few blows from the trolls.

5. Lastly; and this one stings a bit. Set your expectations pretty low when it comes to XBLIG. The occasional run-away success does come out of there but the portal is pretty overrun with incomplete experiences made over the span of a weekend. That's not to say there aren't some gems in the rough, and you just have to hope that your game bubbles up. I can tell you now, do not leave PC out of your marketing strategy. Ring Runner looks like a game that PC gamers could really get into and XBLIG is a much less sustainable platform to monetize.

Enrique Dryere
profile image
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we definitely plan on releasing on PC. I think our biggest obstacle is somehow getting across the idea of what makes the game unique. You can tell people you have over 300 abilities or 65 hulls, but it ends up just sounding like white noise. Plus, none of that really matters if its not fun.

There are a number of mechanics and abilities that set Ring Runner apart, but it's not easy to convey that in a video. My hope is that it will hold people's interests long enough in conferences and competitions so they can see its depth.

Thanks for the advice!